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removal / modification of footboard

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Second do-it-yourself bootfitting question of the day.

I posted a long question for Epic's expert bootfitter Jeff Bergeron here -- http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=29323&page=7 (post no. 194) -- and was wondering if others might have advice from their own experience.

The gist of my question concerns a pair of new (or at least unused) Atomic B-Ride 9.50 boots, from a recent ski swap. They seemed like a good fit; I wore them around the swap for 1/2 hr with very thin stock footbeds, and they felt great. I have a high arch and wide forefoot, so most boots are too narrow and confining, even at the right length. Then last weekend I took out the thin footbeds and replaced them with zip-fit" footbeds that I've used for years very comfortably in my old boots (Technica Rival x9) and kept them on for an hour or so. Problem: arch pain and cramped little and 2d toes.

So then I removed what I think is called the "footboard" -- a black plastic insert between the bottom of the shell and liner, around 3-4 mm thick, flat on the top with little ridges underneath. With that piece out and the liner and footbed back in, it felt just right.

My question - perhaps a stupid one - is what if leave out the footboard altogether? The ridges on the bottom of the the footboard do seem to put it at a very slight angle, so I'm concerned about stance but think a little trial and error couldn't hurt. If that's not advisable, how much should I expect to pay and how long should it take for a competent bootfitter to grind down or modify the footboard to give me the space I need?

As always, thanks in advance for any help.
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TS, if the boot fits better, that's GOOD. If the boot board created a ramp, then you probably need to determine whether that's okay for you. I like flat boots because I have a lot of dorsi-flexion. That means that I can raise the front of my foot pretty high. If you don't have enough dorsi-flexion in your achillies, then removing that ramp will cause your heel to lift when you try to pressure the front of the boot. In that case, you would probably need to lower the boot board along the whole length so that you keep the ramp angle but gain more space.

Try putting the boot on with the boot board removed, and flex it as hard as you can (put it in a ski if you need to, for leverage). Check to see if your heel comes off the bottom of the boot. If not, leave it out. If it does, put the boot board back in and try again, if that keeps your heel from lifting, then you need it in there. If you put it back in, and your heel still lifts, you've got bigger issues, because you need more heel lift, but don't have room for it unless you can lower the inside from toe to heel, whcih would be very difficult, and means you are probably in the wrong boot.
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Thanks, John.

So, if the shoe fits, wear it? Makes sense to me.

I don't recall any heel lift when I flexed but didn't focus in quite the detail you provided.
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Sounds like that insert is simply a space filler, so as to allow Atomic to make two sizes out of one boot.

For example...with the spacer in, you've got a size 8. Take it out, you have an 8.5.

Since most shells are in whole size increments, that's the kinda thing manufacturers willd o to achieve half sizing without having to design twice as many last/mold systems.
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