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Cheap All Purpose Wax

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Is there such thing as a ski wax that I can use for all temps, but isnt gonna cost me $100 per ounce. I have been looking into a lot of Swix products, but I dont want to buy 3 different types of waxes for 3 different temps. Let me know if you have had any luck with particular brands.
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Rossi00, there have been several threads on this recently, including:
Good Univeral Wax
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I've had great luck with Bakoda Super Turbo (Hi-fluor, hi-performance all temp formulation). Granted, I first found it in a Snowboard shop, but a lot of fellow skiers here at Snowshoe, WV use it and love it as well. I use it as a general wax when I am not sure of or don't pay attention to specific conditions. I usually try to do some conditions specific waxing, but this is my default go-to wax when I need something that covers a wide range.
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Thanks for the info.
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Dominator Zoom or Graphite Zoom.
But all the manufacturers make a
good all temp wax that you can
buy in bulk (400 g or more).
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