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Scotland Blizzard?

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Are our "snowhead" friends gonna beat us to the slopes? Good news for Scotland? Is the blizzard coming???? Any of our UK friends planning to drive up? Glencoe, the Lecht, Cairngorm....any hope of opening....???
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Well, it is cold round here! Could be snow coming.

But just read here:

That one of the big dry slopes is currently on fire!
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It's meant to snow over the next couple of days in Scotland - good news if you're local. It's about six hours drive for me, so I'd want to know the base was solid before I set off,or a quick rain storm could shut the hill very quickly.

If the weather keep good I may try to get up there around new year.
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Fox, Marc,

I actually hit the skiscotland web site and some of those areas look to be worth it if conditions are right. Of course I am sure conditions can be sketchy. If there is a big dump is it worth the drive....or better to just cross the channel....?? Just curious.
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It can be good skiing if the weather is good, this was today.

But the problem is that we're a small, low island and in recent years the snow seems to vanish nearly overnight with a rainstorm and warm weather. So the trip plan is; jump in the car and get there when you hear there's snow on the ground. That makes it pretty hard to get to, unless you're local or lucky.
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Originally Posted by marc gledhill
It can be good skiing if the weather is good, this was today.

But the problem is that we're a small, low island and in recent years the snow seems to vanish nearly overnight with a rainstorm and warm weather. So the trip plan is; jump in the car and get there when you hear there's snow on the ground. That makes it pretty hard to get to, unless you're local or lucky.

Keep on posting em when you get em.....
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hrstrat57, there's quite a few here from 29th November

Report here
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I dunno, sounds like you ought to take a ride up Hook up with fox, he should be good to go! Could merit a full TR...which would be very cool indeed.

Snowheads wouldn't allow me to view photos via your link....I'll hop over there later and see if I can ring em up. Thanks!
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Skiing in Scotland is really only a sensible proposition for the Jocks themselves.

If you are in London, it is as easier to get to the Alps. The smallest Alpine resort will be bigger than any of the Scottish resorts. The snow will be more reliable and the weather less bitter.
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I didn't even know it snowed in Scotland, I thought they wore short baggie pants and golfed year round, only difference is they put on the tall plaid socks and tassils during the winter

Hehe, couldn't help myself
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MeCasa, those baggy shorts are skirts, you know
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One of the main reasons we don't dash to Scotland when it snows, as hinted at above, is the variable weather. This is a report posted on snowHeads by Adamski on 2-December;

"I'm just back down from a few days up around the hills. Went up to Cairngorm on Wednesday but was too late to get a ski. I went up to the carpark though and had a nosey. There was very little wind, visibility was excellent and speaking to some sliders the snow conditions were excellent with just a little care needed near the bottom where a few rocks were sticking out. Stayed the night in Aviemore and headed back up on Thursday morning. Weather had turned and it was miserable, 3 degrees ish in the car park and about 1 at the top where I'm afraid it was raining. I thought conditions were appalling, visibility was very very poor and the wind was pretty unpleasant. the Snow from about half way down was really deteriorating and frankly I didn't hang about. Shame - it was a bit of a waste of money - and its hard not to think you're being ripped off at £20 ..... ah well I'd rather be ripped off than have no skiing here.

Headed back down to the town picked the mrs and the nipper up and headed off to take the scenic route to the Lecht. Stopped there for a look at the new day lodge and stupidly bought something to eat - utterly disgusting and incredibly opverpriced! Anyway thats another story. We took seats at the windows looking out onto the slopes and I pointed out to Sue the direction of where the charilift is .... you couldn't see it from the lodge - thats about 30 yards! The weather there was horrifying - about 2 degrees with sheeting rain howling across. There were people 'enjoying' the 'snowsports' on offer there though ... hardy, hardy people. We jumped back into the warmth and comfort of my vehicle and left them to it. Stayed the night in the Hilton near Ballater - craigendarroch I think - got a great deal on a suite for the night .....

Got up this morning and headed south back through Braemar up and past Glenshee. The weather today has been clearly the worst of the last 3 days with violent winds and rains utterly hammering down. the rivers and streams up there are raging. Got to Glenshee in digsuting conditions and pulled into the carpark. Some poor soaked punter was actually getting a lesson on the nursery slush. Looking up I was stunned to see some people actually braving the weather and sliding about ... I couldn't help thinking that if they stayed up there too much longer then they'd be in for a long long walk down as the 'snow' was retreating at quite a rate - I couldn't be entirely sure that they hadn't walked up in the first place so poor was the snow cover down low. Quite frankly I think Glenshee would open for business if you went up there and emptied out a few bags of icing sugar on the heather! Looking right up to the top though its just possible that it may have been snowing up there though. quite bizzarely there were no cars in the car park - where had these strange mad snowsports fanatics come from and how had they gotten there!?!? .... I hope this wasn't the work of some canny thieves!

Anyway I've certainly got my fingers crossed that the temps will drop, the wind change direction and the snow come again before all thats there washes away again!

All in all a nice few days cruising about the country with some great scenery when you could see it!"

The one time I had good snow conditions up there, it was fantastically cold. Never have an argument with a scottish skiier, they must be hard as nails
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Yikes! That sure clears things up.

What a post, we need to get more "snowheads" posting over here.

"bloody brilliant" that!!

Nice job picking the good one Marc! Now you and fox recruit us up some more snowheads. That was a great read.

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More than slightly tongue in cheek, we "jocks" get very ticked off at Sassenachs (for our US readers that means people from England) calling us "jocks" and anyone else imagining that we live in a glorified Brigadoon with people walking round in kilts (possibly what our Sassenach correspondent refers to as a "skirt"), drinking whisky and waiting for the next round of golf to start !
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Colin, I was fishing around for a bite I must admit .

Have you been up to the hills yet this year, I'd guess it's about a 2-3 hours drive to Glenshee from your place.
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Marc, not yet due to work commitments and I have to say today is not encouraging as it is absolutely chucking it down rainwise in Edinburgh and the forecast looks no better for the North. I was in London earlier in the week with someone who lives in Blairgowrie who said the snow is pretty much gone from there and it is pretty close to Glenshee, tho obviously a lower elevation. This is the Cairngorm report today

"There is a run available from the top to the carpark via the Traverse, 105, ZigZags and Burnside. The homeroad is broken. The Ptarmigan bowl is available for beginners. The M1 piste is closed. White Lady is open, firm at the top but heavy wet snow lower down. There is a run down the M2 and Daylodge back to the Base Station for good skiers and boarders. First train up 9am. Last train up 3.15pm. "

I doubt that is worth 2-3 hours drive there and then the same back !!
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