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I wil be demoing some skis in a couple of weeks and wanted everyones votes. I am looking at groomed bias ski's with the emphasis on multi-turn ability. Ski should have some crud and light powder ability. Level 8 skier, 175 pounds 6'. Currently ski on Head 1100 Chips and Fischer RC's

Heres what I have on my list

Metron XI
Volkl All-Star
Head 1400 or 1200 and 77
Nordica top fuel
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You're lacking any French entries. Definitely try the Dynastar 8000 which is a favorite with many people on this forum. I would also try this year's Rossignol B2.
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definitly hit the volkl all star and the top fuel
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new rossignol B2 if you can
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If you want him to try a french ski why don't you suggest a ski with more shape like the Allstar of top fuel. Something like the Rossi Zenith Z9.
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I wouldn't even bother with the French entries (ok, I'm a shameless bavarian ski fan!)
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Rossi B2's (gushing reviews), Dynastar 8000 (a loyal following), and Metron B:5. If you're a level 8, you can likely handle the B:5 as well as the M:11 - and they offer a bit more power.
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Your choices are all good skis but you are all over the map in shape categories.

You have........

On trail carvers......(2 or 3)
Fat carver..............(1)
Beefy Mid fat..........(1)

There are a lot of really good skis in each of these categories. At least after you try these, you may have an idea of the shape that suits you best. From there you could then try other examples within that group.

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The Dynastar 8000's are wonderful skis but definately a much different feel from the Heads and Fischers you are currently skiing.
Give them a shot and let us know what you think. Have fun!
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dat all sounds good
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Add teh Rossi Z9's
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I just picked up the Rossi Zenith Z9. I am generally a fast GS skier, but I wanted to change my style to more slalom style skiing and more proficient in the bumps. So far the Z9 is turning out to be the perfect ski for me. It's soooooo much fun! I've never had this much fun in the bumps. I'm 5'7" / 155 lbs. I did go from a Elan 182 shaped ski to the Rossi 162 ski. That might have been part of the difference also. The Z9 is also very stable in speed mode too.
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how was the top fuel?
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