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Marker S11 or Tyrolia LD12?

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Hi all,

I wonder if I could have some advice concerning bindings.

I bought a pair of Blizzard Titan FR (aka 8.2) on German E-bay, and am asking the seller to mount them with bindings. I can choose between the Marker S11 Energy track and Tyrolia LD12. Any opinions? the Tyrolia is 10 Euros more and looks butt-ugly..but I have read some concerns about Markers. Have had both in the past. My din setting is usually 8-9,5.

Just for completeness: I do not have the option of Rossi, Look or Salomon, therefore, any advice about those would not be useful.

Thanks for any feedback!
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Is that a Blizzard Titan Eight for any terrain in all snow conditions freeride ski? On the net it looks like it doesent have a plate on it! I used to have the LD12-Cyber binding on a pair of SL carvers two years back and that binding is identical to the LD12 in all but the connecting ps of plastic between the toe and heel parts and an additionla 10mm raiser plate. I dont know about the Marker but the LD12 is a good allround binding. Its very light so if you hike arround or climb like I do sometimes its a big pro. Marker makes good bindings too.
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Thanks for the response. The Titan has a 82 mm waist, was a real off piste fattie in 2001 but would now be considered all mountain. Anyway Í'll be using it as a powder ski only (no plate), probably settle for the ld12 due to the light weight you mention, I read that elswhere also.
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Ok, glad I could help.
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In a stunning turn of events, I have plumped for the Markers anyway.....

Thanks anyway. Aesthetics and pricing made the difference.
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Ha, the life of the bargain skier never ceases to be a fount of excitement!

I got a pair of good condition Tyrolia bindings for freeeeeeeee din 4-12 yellow plastic (wish it was steel, but hey!) forget which model.

The brakes may need slight bending, but a gift horse etc etc

Well anyway, now that my heartbeat has resumed it's normal calm patter I will sign off.
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