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Your Gear History

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Ok, I KNOW I saw a post on this... but now I can't find it. To prove I'm an addict, here is my list. Feel free to pile-on:

Skis (in approximate order) starting in 1970:
* indicates currently in my quiver
170 Northland wood skis
180 K2 Xr10
194 Lange Dynamic VR17 SL
205 Volkl Portillo Super
204 Lange Dynamic VR17 SL
203 Dynastar S730
212 Dynastar Descent Downhill
203 Dynastar S730 (Replacement)
203 Dynastar S730 (Replacement)
207 Dynastar S730
205 Hart Honeycomb Comp (ex-Hank Kashawa… one of the best skis EVER!)
205 Hart Honeycomb Comp (production… BIG disappointment)
207 Dynastar S430
212 Lange Dynamic VR17 GS
204 PRE 1200 SP
204 Dynamic VR27 SL (all black)
205 Dynamic VR27 GS (black bases)
204 Dynamic VR27 SL (black and green)
180 Rossi Strato 102
200 Rossi Strato 102
200 Rossi ST650
200 Dynamic GS
204 K2 CVC Comp
205 Volkl P10 RS
200 Hexel Sundance
215 Dynamic VR17 GS (Fast)
222 Blizzard DH (Very Fast)
200 Dynamic VR27 SL (blue)
200 K2 GS Race (with plate)
203 Dynastar S9 SL
183 Elan SCX
195 K2 5500
208 K2 GS Race
198 K2 Four
190 Olin Apex
* 205 K2 R12 (with plate Quite Fast!)
205 Olin Outer limits (prototype)
* 190 Olin Selkirk
200 K2 VO Comp
* 150 Rossi … don’t remember. Ex-rentals used for family & friends
198 K2 Merlin VI GS (with plate… FAST!)
195? Igneous (not a good pair)
* 193 K2 Merlin VI GS
* 192 K2 Merlin VI SL (for sale or will dismount)
* 200 K2 GS Race (dismounted… about to become fence-boards)
156 K2 M6 SSL (Race-Room)
* 165 K2 M6 SSL
* 174 K2 Patriot GT6 (dismounted… about to become fence-boards)
* 181 K2 Patriot GT6
188 K2 Patriot GT6
* 170 K2 Mod-X with wild graphic. Last “production” ski from Vashon.
* 218 K2 Downhill Comp (with D-Flex. Very Fast!!)

I think that’s all. I’ve been in the industry in a few different positions,
or else I wouldn’t have had so many. I was given many pairs, skied
some for years, others for just a few runs. Skiing hard, I get 30-40 days
from a ski before it changes character.

Not so many. If it fits and skis well, I keep it.
Raichle Leather
Lange Standard
Lange Standard (with custom foam inner-boot)
Humanic Leather/Fiberglass comp Foam Fit. GREAT feel for the snow.
Caber (one piece) comp. Foam Fit
Lange Banshees (skied 6+ years)
Lange XLR (skied 9-10 years)
Lange X10(?) Race a bit too stiff. Put me on my heels.
Lange X9R Race (10 years… just phasing out now)

Cable (1)
Solomon 404 (1)
Solomon 505 (1)
Solomon 977 (1)
Allsop (4-5)
Look (all rotating heel) (6-8)
Marker M4 Rotomat (5-6)
Marker M48 (3-4)
Marker MRR (10-12?)
Marker M51 (3-4)
Marker 9.1 (4-5)
Marker M51 Turbo SC (3-4)
Marker M1 SC Turbo (1)
Marker Logic 1 (2)
Marker 1400 Piston Race (2)

Those number are approximate… it would take too much
Work to remember them all J
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That is a long list of skinny old skis, it looks like you stopped getting new gear several years ago. Is the mod X really your newest ski? Surely out of all that you have something fatter than the Olin Outer Limits?
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Not all are skinny

I have skied on fatter skis... but I don't see a whole lot of point. In the Northwest, it changes from concrete to packed and then to ice... sometimes very quickly. I love a ski that has enough shape to carve anywhere. All my current stock (well, not the long boards) will do that. I've been skiing crud for nearly 40 years, and these all ready feel like cheaters. I don't need the assistance of more width.
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I can't come close to your list, but why not post anyway.

After a few days on army surplus wood skis with beartrap bindings and lace-up leather boots, I got hooked. I got some second hand leather and plastic BUCKLE-UP: boots. Not sure what the plastic was, but I think they had fibreglass on the sides. These did me for a season.

I didn't ski often enough to buy more equipment for a few years, and rented. My 180 GS skis were too unstable for my tastes at speed. I typically rented whatever I could find in a longer length, and up-level boots when I could get it.

Finally sick of floppy rental boots I got the stiffest boots I could find (think set up for Olympic DH racing), Koflach Comp 911s, custom foamed, triple-stacked, custom cork footbeads, two sizes too small. I still rented demonstrators for skis, and couldn't find anything stable enough at speed to make me happy.

In 198somthing I demoed a pair of Kästle Nation Team Super Giant Slalom Racing skis and fell in Lust. I tried several lengths and was happiest with 205cms. I bought 'em and set out to find their speedlimit. I never did find their speed limit, though I came close a few times; I abandoned my quest after an on-the-hill readjustment of perspective that caused me to re-evaluate my invulnerability. I skied these skis everywhere for a decade or two. I also kept demonstrating slallom skis and kept threatening to buy some, but never did; they were great at making short fast turns and all, but I couldn't give up my stable high-speed skis.

About two years ago I got a pair of Crossmax 10 boots, as I was tired of skiing in painful too-small boots, I tried having the Koflachs refitted, but that only ruined em.

I've been stuck in the land of small hills for the last few years. Two years ago I started demonstrating short-skis. I just bought a set of short-radius skis last spring, Fischer WC SCs.

Edit: Also during the last two years I tried out some Fischer RC4 Vacuum technique SLS skis and some Kästle "Special R" skis of unknown vintage that I found at yard sales.
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Need for Speed

I too, love speed. I skied for a while with gang that was named "The Alpental Animals." The deal was, you could ski with the gang IF you could keep-up. There was NO waiting. The chair was the place to rest. We skied week day evenings when there was no line. I thought I was fast until I skied with those guys! It's one thing to cruise 35-40 down a blue run. Chair One at Alpental would not be called a blue run at most areas, and the steep gullies in the middle, and the moguls through out make it twice as tough.

These days though, most of my ski-budget (and ski time) are spent on my nearly 8 year old son. Fortunately, he loves the steeps and speed (within reason) almost as much as I do. I won't be able to keep up with him in a few years... unless I REALLY try. My wife doesn't ski, so we take a lot of stag ski trips. I hope to do at least a couple out of state (Washington) this year.
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