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Boot question

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I need to buy a comfy ski boot for my “little” brother. He bought a pair last year rushing to get whatever was on sale at that time … a pair of Salomons with an intricate bootlace system. I particularly didn’t care for them but that’s what he went for… Of course, the comfort sucked and he ended up hating them. I just think it’s the wrong boot for his style and his foot anatomy.

He’s an intermediate skier, not too picky and very conservative. I guess something in the vicinity of $200 would suffice. An intermediate, comfortable boot with a buckle system for skiing mostly groomed powder.

Any ideas? I really appreciate your input…
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go to surefoot on 69th and 3rd. They have tons of boots. If Growing is still an issue, they have a program where they buy back the boots for half when they become too small. If you purchase a orthotic (worth every penny, the most important part of a ski boot) they will replace it for FREE every time the child grows. It is an unbelieaveable program for young aspiring skiiers. They also have about 20 locations at the bottom of major ski resorts all over the world that can help you out if there is any fit issues out on the slopes. I hope this helps.
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Thanks so much! I'm going to check out that store this weekend...

I don't know what happ. to an earlier post but it was really helpful.

Thanks again!

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