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CSG Demo days

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How many bears were at Loveland for the CSG demo days?
What did you think of the equipment you tried?
Did any equipment surprize you?
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The 666, great ski, good edge, very stable.
Zenith9, easy to ride, stable, lites up at speed.
Volkl AC4, all of the above but quicker edge to edge.
Volkl AC3, it felt like the original 5*, good overall but nothing stood out.

I spent the rest of the time on my p60sc working on flat stuff.
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ssh and I have posted a bunch of reviews in the "review" forum - so check 'em out there. Interesting that you felt that the AC3 ran like the original T50 5-star. I guess I would agree that it does have some similarities.

Did you ride the M666 in 168cm? I'm surprised that you had good edge hold since most of the Elans I tried didn't (mostly due to poor tuning I think).
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Skied them all in a 177 or longer.
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Sunday, that was a fun day, started out with the K2 Chiefs went to chair 8 and found some Fresh Pow. Nice boards, but would not be the Daily Driver. The crew from K2 were a bunch of cry babies, had the boards from China for 1.5hrs and it was a big deal to them, had to hear their lecture!
Next went to Dynastar, the Reps were the Bomb! Skis were the 8000 & the Trouble Makers, would put both on the X-mas list, the Trouble Makers being #1 for the day! Skiied the Dynastar for 2.5 hrs. Used to ski the VR 17 back in the 70s so my Opinion could be off base.
Next Rossignol B-3, nice planks, but about the same feel as my Daily drivers.
Last of the Day was the Nordica Top Fuel, in a 171, I just don't dig short boards, & the legs were already toast, so I could not give an honest opinion on them & have nothing bad to say about the Nordicas.
$25 per head for the day ( 2 sons & self) they also gave a $10 coupon for lunch,which was filling.
Loveland always a nice place to ski, & Colorado Ski & Golf gets a Thumbs-Up for their efforts.
Lets not forget their site, www.GearDirect.com
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Kudos to CSG for bringing an opportunity to ski the new gear to the general public. Who knew when they planned this event that the freak snow storms would make it possible to test their skis on everything from beginner through expert terrain. Usually only a few runs are open this early.
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