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Some Questions from a newcomer

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Hi This is my first post here on your most wonderful forum. I am planning on going skiing this winter break with a couple friends. I am thinking about the possibility of going to Mt. Tremblant (I live in London Ontario.) I am wondering, however, if anyone knows of any places to stay neer the Mountain for a decent price (Im a college student and 200$ a night is a bit steep). Are there any youth hostels or anything? Or even shity motels? I am also wondering what the area is like. Is it difficult to drive there when there is a lot of snow on the ground? Unfortunately, I am restricted to leaving no earlier than the 26th, and coming back no later than the 29th. Also if anyone has an accurate Idea of what the drive is like from London that would be great. Thanks for the help
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Welcome to the Forum Dude,
Sorry my Tremblant experience is 30+ years old and probably totally out of date. But I did want to say hello.
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Hey Clam,
There is a really great hotel called Auberge Au Porte Rouge in the old part of Tremblant, about 2k from the mountain. Look them up on the web...I've stayed there several times...the dinners are fantastic, and the rates really good. The bus stops right outside, and it's only a few minutes ride to the mountain.
Hope this helps.
The road from Montreal is always kept clear, and driving in the Tremblant area is pretty easy, with no real hills to worry about. Park your car, and ride the bus!
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Never skied Tremblant, But welcome man!
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Welcome, clam dude. Care to explain your moniker? I'm gettin visions...
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Seafood lover?
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Hostel at Tremblant

Clam Dude,

Go to http://www.hihostels.ca/hostels/Queb...blant/Hostels/

There is a Hostel at Tremblant. Haven't been there, but I saw an ad for it at the Toronto Ski Show last year.
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well, as for my screen name, My old band was called the Gooeyducks, which is a kind of clam, hence the name Clam_dude.

Thanks for the info on the Hostel. I might very well book rooms there. Does anyone know how long the drive is from London?
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How long is the snorkel for your car?
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Originally Posted by Bonni
How long is the snorkel for your car?
HAHAHAHA Best be huge lad Good one Bonni Clever
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I think Montreal is about 8 hours. Been a while since I was there, and I was only about 10.

Tremblant is 90 minutes North of Montreal.
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