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Skis for small women-help needed

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HI. I am interested in buying a pair of skis for my girlfriend for Christmas. This is her second year skiing and she has improved enough to move off of rentals and into a decent pair of boards. Trouble is, she is only 5 foot (153cm) and 98lbs. Even though she is an athletic person and is picking up skiing well, her size seems to be a limiting factor regarding skis. I work at a shop and normally would put an improving low-intermediate skier on a pair of skis that probably reaches chin-height or maybe slightly more. Unfortunately, most all of the skis made that are decent ladies-specific models start at 150cm or more )which is forehead-height for my girlfriend). The shorter skis (less than 150cm) are mostly beginner skis, not much of an improvment over the 143cm rentals she had last year. The lines we carry are K2, Elan, Head, and Fischer, and I haven`t seen a decent performance ski made under 150cm from any of these manufacturers. Kids skis seem to be either pretty low-performance or race models, neither of which will probably be the best choice.

What would be a good solution? Will an intermediate ski in 150cm be much too long, or will it work for her? (providing she continues to improve) Is there another option that I am forgetting about? The Elan Whisper 6.0 would be a great choice, but I am not sure about the length (153cm). I am also looking at the Head i.c. 160 Lightning, as well as the K2 t-Nine intermediate ski (it was called the Flight last year). Any info or insight to either the length or skis I am considering? Maybe I should just get the longer pair and, even though it may be a touch long, she can grow into it as she improves.
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She is the same height and weight as my kid. Put her on a junior slalom ski. It will work like a charm.

Yes, 150 is too long. I'd say 140 would be better.

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Sorry, just read the title, not the content, what I'd like to know is what does she look like.
If she's really good looking, I might trade my K2s for your small woman.

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Do exactly what Rusty Guy suggested. For lighter women, junior race skis are the perfect solution and typically you can get fantastic deals on them.

You might need to contact a fairly big shop to find any sort of selection, but definitely try to find some junior race boards.

A couple of weeks ago, the Gart Sports shop here in Jackson had several pairs of last year's junior race skis for $69.00 per pair. I'll check today to see if they have any left. If they do, I'll post the brand/model/length/price.

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I had a similar problem last season, we ended up buying some Rossignol Viper S's, in 140cm, for my wife (5'1"). Have a look here:-


hope this helps

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My GF is 157 cm tall, (5,2 feet), and now skis Dynastar speed 63 in 170 cm (yes 170 cm). When she was a beginner, she always complained about me trying to rent too long skis. At the time, these weren't shaped skis. I tricked her with Salomon Force 9, on wich wasn't written the lenght but only PR4, that stood for a "weight to ability" ratio. She had a real good time on these 179 skis, then went on Super Force 9 183cm long (PR4). She loved the ski!!!! Actually, she improved way more on higher end skis.
When shaped skis got into the market, I got her a 155 salomon slalom pair, too stiff maybe : she never enjoyed them, and was relieved when she got the dynastar. These are shaped skis, intended for giant slalom use and rebadged the year I bought them as Race Carve.

Her opinion now is: 1st, high end skis are better to improve with once you can deal with any kind of snow and track; 2nd, longer skis (up to a certain limit) are more stable, thus increasing speed is easier; 3rd, shaped skis are indeed easier, just like comparing cars with and without power-steering; 4th, stiff skis are not leisurable for light bodies (47kg).

My 2 cents : junior skis maybe a way to go, but I think the stiffness of the shorter skis might be too much. I don't focus on lenght anymore, only on soft flex and vibration dampening, the two main factors in my experience to build self-confidence in smaller women.

Hope that helps,

South Alps,
Early snow this year!!!!!
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