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The first un-flawed "How do you ski" poll! - Page 2

Poll Results: What is your skiing competence?

  • 3% (5)
    Unconscious incompetence
  • 22% (33)
    Conscious incompetence
  • 36% (54)
    Conscious competence
  • 38% (57)
    Unconscious competence
149 Total Votes  
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I chose conscious incompetence. I have been skiing for a long time, but I know my technique is far from perfect. I raced for a season when I was younger, but I found it took all the fun out of skiing for me, so I stopped.

My technique may not be perfect, but I am comfortable anywhere on a western mountain and enjoy myself every day I ski. Technical perfection takes a back seat to enjoyment. I do strive for continual improvement, but it is for the sake of improving my ski experience, and not so I can show off or look awesome.
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Competent enough to have fun. Incompetent enough to have fun!

Don't you think the skill level depends on the company you keep? Skiing with people better than you are, will make you rise to the occasion. Like anything in life, if you're not improving, what are you doing?
Can I find another cliche' to put in this post?
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D(C) nailed it. I can't answer the question because of all the variables.

On a nice easy green slope I'm a UC. I can flow with the mountain easily.

Now on a triple black bumped up ice sheet, I'm a CI. I know its all going to hell in a handbasket right away.

Someplace in between I'll be UI and CC. It all depends on what skills are being tested at the moment, how I'm feeling, what the snow is doing, what equipment I'm on, etc, etc.

So Phil, what starts out as an easy question is startling in its complexity. Amazing how something as 'easy' as sliding down a hill becomes convoluted.
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Originally Posted by Atomicman
Unconcious competence is the holy grail of all disciplines! It is what I am after!
Is it possible to be unconsciously competent and still maintain polarity within the diamond?
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Originally Posted by comprex
Is it possible to be unconsciously competent and still maintain polarity within the diamond?
I would think your unconcious mind would be the touch part of the diamond. You feel it ,you make no decision it is just there and you access it as you would all your senses
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Originally Posted by D(C)
I have been racing for many years and am not a bad skier in the least. However, I am constantly learning about things I never even knew existed. Sure, I have an unconscious competent base to my skiing but I am always expanding and the definition of what my skiing is constantly changes. I cannot answer this poll..
I agree with this, though I answered it UC. I am the most UC when I've been off skis a long time. I have no idea what I'll do.

I started skiing at age five and put in 50-100 days a year through my early twenties, so much of what I do seems to be instinct and reflexes. I frequently detach the conscious and watch.

Is that what you are talking about?
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But, I always felt that there was another level (level 5), based upon the skills of level 4, that reflected an ability to be reactively creative.
Flawed. I'm Level 5!!!
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Unconscious incontinence Depends!
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I put unconcisousally competence I spend enough tiem on ski, that when I do something its feel as if its easier than walking to me.
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Ressurection. With the "Expert" thread, I thought I would give this poll another try.
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I can't click in my response to be "on record".

Clearly Phil, most of us here fit both of the two middle choices.

I am aware of my faults and strengths ....

The good news is that this exercise is keeping Phil from visiting his "West Wing" and taking inventory to check for any doo-dad, gizmo or what-cha-ma-call-it he may not be in possession of.

So ..... fellow Bears ... let us encourage Bro' Bear Phil to work on and refine and redefine this poll.

It's part of his therapy.

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Definately flawed. It's a continuous spiral through the phases of learning, unless you have stopped learning.
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type 3
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat View Post
So 2 people have admitted to buying B5s, and don't know why...
Subconcious incontinence
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I voted conscious competence because while I sometimes will get in a "zone" and not think about how I might be skiing, it's not how I usually ski.

More important, I'm always learning and striving to become a better skier... maybe someday I'll achieve a level of unconscious competence.
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If your not conscious about it, how do you know you are competent?
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The term only applies while you're performing it.

If you have to think about what you're doing to be good at it, then you are only competent consciously.

If you just do it like second nature, no thought process involved, then you are competent unconsciously.

You can know that you're unconsciously competent. It's knowing that you don't have to think about doing it right to be able to do it right.
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I just found the title for my next book...

...Skiing Out of Your Mind...or maybe Skiing Out of Your Tree...or maybe Great Skiing is Like the 60s...If You Can Remember Them, You Weren't Really There...
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resurrestion time.
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I always liked this thread.
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Not much to be read in a dead thread. Definitely flawed
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