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mounting s912ti

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I think that salomon tried very hard to make their pilot system self explanitory, but just to make sure I'm going to ask. I would assume that you just take a #3 screwdriver to the screws and they make there own threads in the magnesium plate. right? I havent tried yet but it would seem that might be rather dificult. anyway, instruction and help would be most welcome.

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On the pilot system I think it's a #3 PosiDrive or SupraDrive but a philips will work. I think they tell you to torque it to a specific amount but I don't recall the exact torque. It's in the installation manual that came with the system. Yes the screws cut their own threads. Also make sure you check the alignment of boot center with the ski center line mark using the toe piece before you screw it down. If you don't get a perfect alignment you need to decide if you want to be fore or aft of the line.

It's a real difficult screw turn but it can be done. I used a power screwdriver set to below the correct torque and then a torque driver to set the final tension.

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Don't use a Philips. All the bindings I have ever work with use a posidrive for the screws and a Philips will ruin the screw. Lew
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just saw this post...I've got a question. I just bought a pair of skis online, and the retailer is mounting the bindings to the skis for free. All I told him is that the boot is 325mm...I assume the center line is the same on all boots, regardless of make - in other words, did he need the Salomon X-Wave 7.0 to mount the binding in order to line it up?
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