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Child care in resorts?

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Why are chld care costs in resorts so different?For the ones who have kids, it becomes them your first criteria to choose a resort?What are the best deals?
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Sell kids and then go skiing. Think of the longer term savings.
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But who would buy them?
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WC Fields when asked how he liked children "..........boiled"
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Jonathan Swift had some suggestions upon those lines too (A Modest Proposal).

Anyway, all resorts have childcare. It's called "ski school"

"How old are you?"
"I'm 4, but mom told me to say I'm 6".

"That kid looks like he has a nappy on under his suit".
"he does!".
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Ant, that's because Thredboland is so expensive - from a parent guilty of pushing his son into ski school 1 year early : It didn't present any problems apart from the time he skied ahead and jumped on the Gunbarrel quad alone :
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You get what you pay for

I wouldn't always look fo the cheapest program or day care.

I worked as a beginner and intermediate instructor at a local resort and part of our duties was to do at least one day a week in "Peakers", which was the day care program. It was an underfunded mess. Often there were five or more kids for every instructor and no designated area to keep them, just a large table near the door in the lodge. We would be encouraged to drag all the kids out skiing every two hours and try to get them to have fun but 15 kids aged 3 to 8 and only 3 instructors is a formula for disaster. Often after 45 minutes simply dressing the kids outside, we would scramble around trying to keep track of the kids as they ran in all directions on the bunny slope while picking up the ones that fell over (they ALL fell over every 30 seconds). Every peaker day I would clock in dreading the harried, frantic shift that was to come. We often had to search when we realized we were a child short and once a kid just walked off and got on a lift (age 9) and all the instructors and patrollers were pulled from lessons to scour the mountain. It ended uneventfully with the child sitting on the slope two lifts away from the bunny area. He said he just wanted to go board.

I approached the ski school director on numerous occasions about the dangers we were putting the kids in and the liability that this put myself, my fellow instructors, the ski school, and the resort in. I was told by my boss that he sympathized with me but improvements "...just werent going to happen." I was then cautioned not to appraoch the resort manager about it, he was already sick of hearing complaints from other instructors. I left employment shortly thereafter because I knew that sooner or later something truly terrible was going to happen and I did not want to be a part of it.

The worst part? The parents were largely unaware of the way that "Peakers" was conducted. You get what you pay for. Pay for something safe. Just my $0.02 worth.

Happy turns.
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Originally Posted by Blaise
Ant, that's because Thredboland is so expensive - from a parent guilty of pushing his son into ski school 1 year early : It didn't present any problems apart from the time he skied ahead and jumped on the Gunbarrel quad alone :
The reason why I didn't ski for 20 years
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chuckle. "Peakers" sounds exactly like Xxxxxboland!
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Our kids started sking when they started walking.

We take them west every year, but we only ski with them 1/2 days (pm).

We look for a local to watch them while we ski in the AM. We have found these by asking friends, calling and asking people who work at the hills etc.

Here is what we like:

We get up at 7:00 and head out for Breakfest with the kids still in bed.
We ski until we are tired, and then break at 11:30 for lunch.
The sitter gets the kids up, feeds them, gets them dressed, and delivers them to the hill at 11:30 or 12:00 depending on if they join us for lunch or not.

We ski the PM as a family.

I usually pay $25.00/hour ($100 for the AM) for the service and it makes our vacation much more enjoyable.
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Copper Mtn

Last year, we stayed over with friends at the Cirque and their 2 kids. The resort offered in-room babysitting, so we tried it. It was much better than you would expect. A really wonderful experience for the kids - the sitter brought a 'craft' project with her and was just so nice that we tried it again. As parents all know, babysitting in that kind of setting is a bit of a gamble - we hit the jackpot - twice. I can't say enough about the service.

During the day, the daycare was only 10 dollars less than children's lessons, iirc. Who knows how the economics work for these resorts - I'll never try to figure it out.
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