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K2 Apache X or Volkl Energy 420?

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Hi all! I need some gear advice since I have the option of purchasing either the 2004-2005 model "K2 Apache X" or the 2004-2005 model "Volkl Energy 420" (the red colored skis, not the yellow skis from the previous year which are entirely different) at a very good price and I know they are from different categories of skis. Normally I would demo, but they are both a very good deal from the seller I know (who doesn't know enough about either model to adequately help me).

Here are links to a picture of each model to avoid any confusion:

If you have skied either of these (the 2004-2005 models, not this year's models), I would love your feedback. Let me tell you about my size, style of skiing, and usual conditions:

I am 5'10", 185 lbs, and a upper intermediate skier (I wouldn't call myself advanced or expert yet). I ski in New England at places such as Cannon, Wildcat, Attitash, and Sunday River. I spend at least 70% of my time on groomed trails at the moment and about 30% in the glades. I am hoping to find a ski that is great in the woods but steady on the groomers (in other words, good edge grip on hard snow and little chatter). If I can find that, I'll probably ski the glades even more while still enjoying the groomers.

So, my questions are:
-Are both of these skis stable on hard pack at relatively fast speeds?
-Can both of these skis tackle the glades adequately?
-Are the sizes I'm considering correct? I would get the Apache X in the 167 (versus 174) and the Volkl Energy 420 in the 170.
-Which ski would suit my needs best?

Any help would be appreciated as I have limited time to make a decision. Thank you!
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i do not know the volkl. but let me briefly comment on the apache. ia have it's predecessor, the axis x. first, i would say ski it in 174, not any shorter. i weigh 160 and have the 174. i could easyliy handle the 181, too.

i skied them primarily in spring conditions so far. that is to say: frozen curdouroy in the morning, soft, yet solid snow by lunchtime and crazy slush in the afternoon. the axis doesn't like frozen surface. it starts to chatter and things like that.

i did like it very much though on everything else from unfrozen hardpack to moderate powder.

i would expect it to be a fairly nice ski in the glades, as it turns with ease and doesn't throw you around in chopped up snow.

basically, if i was into hardcore carving, i would have to buy another ski. but i have a bias towards ungroomed terrain, so it fits me well.

i just found a review by a german ski magazine.


you will have to read between the lines as usual.

it is described as turning like a weasel, easy to control, solid at speed. good in a broad range of conditions from hard groomers to deep slush, variable in turn radius, good ice grip, etc....blablabla...but it seems that is a very solid intermediate ski.

i would honestly prefer it to the k2 if you ski kardpack very often. but that is pure theory. the same magazine rates the axis x about the way i do, that is why i guess the volkl is the better hard snow ski.

not any shorter than 170 i'd say. 177 would be most stable.
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apache x 174

there are better choices tho IMO....I ski'd (demo) crossfire and apache x...crossfire a lot more ski yet still within reach of advanced skier....167 would be a noodle in either model at 185 lbs...you want a short ski like that need to look at Volkl Supersport series or perhaps Fischer RX8/RX6 or some Atomic models....
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