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A Year Ago Today...

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On 11-21-2004, my uncle Al and some of our dearest friends were murdered while deer hunting. My little brother was there, along with my cousin, and some other friends. A year has passed, and Chai Soua Vang will never see freedom again. While that is somewhat comforting, this is not a crying session. My family and the others' families are closer than ever, and most are hunting once again, though nobody will hunt at that cabin. It is heartening to see that no matter what your passion, it remains strong after such tragedy. Whether we have friends who passed prematurely in avalanches, hunting, car accidents, etc... We have things to be thankful for this holiday season. We have our skiing partners, hunting partners, family and friends who support our hobbies and share the passion. We have hope for a good snow year, a bountiful hunting season, and safe passage to our family's gathering. Thanks for taking a moment to "listen" to me spout. Here's the memorial site for those who may be interested.

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My prayers are with you and your family at this time, Jake... What a tragedy. May this time bring you peace amidst the heartache...
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The holidays can be joyous and they can be painful as well. May your friends and family bring you comfort throughout the year. God bless.
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Was the Chai Soua Vang found mentally unstable? Shooting 9 people for being asked to leave private property is simply moronic! Prayers and thoughts to the families involved for such a senseless loss of life.
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Thanks guys.

Blaise, he was found guilty of 1st degree intentional homicide 6 counts, and 3 counts attempted 1st degree intentional homicide. has all the court stuff. He tried to play a racism card and he gave many bogus stories before his story got anywhere close to what happened. His first story when he was arrested was that Terry(shot first,survived) held a gun to him, and made him shoot everyone. That woud mean Terry ordered his daughter killed. The guy clearly is insane, but he was deemed fit to stand trial. Wisconsin does not have a death penalty, so he gets eleventy-billion or so superfluous years in prison instead.

I appreciate your kind words. Any questions I can answer are ok. Pray for snow.

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Terrible Jake, I'm sorry. Hang in there.
Best wishes,
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At least it wasn't a "California Jury" and they saw past his BS.
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Sorry, I hate when national news hits close to home. I am sorry for your loss.
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That is terrible, but I know where you are coming from man! I just lost my grandmother a couple months ago when the tour boat she was on capsized on lake george here in NY and she drowned. She was from Michigan and here to see the new england fall foliage. Really sucks when people go the way our loved ones did! Prayers are with you and your family my man!
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Originally Posted by Bozoskier
On 11-21-2004, my uncle Al and some of our dearest friends were murdered while deer hunting.
Wow that's awful Jake. My prayers are with you as well. Anniversaries of tragedies are tough.

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So sorry for your loss, its truly devastating.
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Sorry for your loss, my thought are with you and your family during this holiday season.
Coming from someone who used to hunt near that area (Merrill), it could have happened to any of us. Scary stuff indeed, glad to hear the perp will never see freedom again!
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Jake, glad to hear that you and your family are able to get back to the woods and stay in tune with part of what binds you together. My family hunts north of Duluth and I would say this tragedy affected everyone in the area to some extent. Whether or not we knew any of the people involved we certainly could see ourselves in that position and have thought about what could happen to any of us. Regardless of how successful the hunt is, our camp has a greater appreciation for the friendship and time we spend together at the hunting camp.

It was good that Vang was sentenced prior to the opening of the hunt. This guy was a complete nutjob, but he knew what he was doing. For those of you unfamiliar with the shooter, at his sentencing hearing he said he was happy that the state was going to take care of him for the rest of his life and that he would no longer have to worry about making mortgage payments or paying child support. If he is going to live, he is where he belongs.
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Prayers for strength and peace for you and yours Jake.
Simply put, Vang shouldn't be allowed to live.
We should not judge him, only God can do that.
We should just arrange the meeting.
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Wow! That has gotta be painful. My prayers are with you and your family. I thank God that nothing like this has ever happened to me be cause I don't know how I'd be able to handle the loss. God Bless.
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