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Binding Position

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I just picked up my kids skis for the season and noticed that there is a significant difference in binding position on the two skis. My son is on Atomic SL11's, 130cm and my daughter is on Volkl SL's, 136cm. There boots are within one size of each other. The Atomics are mounted about three inches further back than the Volkl's. I have checked the centerline on the Atomics and it is close but it is marked on the plate. I can not see the centerline or toe mark on the Volkl's.

Could this just be a difference in design?

Here is link to a couple of photos of the skis.
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Love the posters, esp. the angle of the Tom Grandi one.
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Im not shure but it looks like the Atomic's have their bindings too far back! There is so much plate in front of the toe part but nothing showing out back of the heel part. It certainly looks wrong. Better to dig into the issue asap!
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Binding mounting.

As a former ski technition who has mounted at least a thousand bindings, let me remind you that to err is human. At least they didn't mount them backwards which every tech does eventually. Just bring them back if you have a question. Don't challenge liability issues by posting about binding mounting here.
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I am not trying to challange liability issues I am just trying to gather information to decide if I need to make a trip back to the shop or not and be educated if I do.

The Volkl's are mounted correctly, I have compared them to a friends skis and they are the same. The issue may be with the Atomic's. The bindings are mounted on the plate correctly based on the centerline marks on the boot and the plate. The question then is, is the plate on the ski properly? I now believe that it is and that this is a design difference between the two brands. Both skis have the same amount of ski from the toe forward. I think Atomic took away the tail of the ski to shorten it. This is the shortest SL11 that Atomic makes (130cm).

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The differences between manufacturers' midsole marks are well documented here and we've discussed the fore/aft binding mounting position issue quite a bit (search on "mounting position" or "fore/aft"). I believe what you're seeing is just the difference in where the manufacturer has decided to put the midsole mark on the skis.

It may also interest you to review our discussions regarding the BoF (Ball of Foot) mounting position methods as these generally will result in a better mount position for people who do not have "average" foot sizes.
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How far off is allowed for Jr. bindings?

As a follow-on question to the first poster's, how far off can the center-sole marks be from the boots'? Both of my daughter's new skis (freeskiing 120cm and racing 125cm) have the boots' mark about 3/8" behind the lines on the skis . Will this affect the stabilty and performance of her skiing, especially when it comes to racing (on the Elan RCX 125cm). Should I have them remounted. Thanks!

Wai Chan
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