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What does "freeride" mean

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I've been looking at ski descriptions trying to plan my purchase for next spring (you know, when all these $900 skis go on sale for $350).

I see a lot of skis called "freeride" and am wondering if I should consider these, as the lengths are reasonable and the sidecut isn't too unreasonable.

My current skis are Volkl P40 F1 198cm, Volkl P19 205cm, and a new pair of Atomic 9.34 195cm. I've always favored long stiff skis, and ski everything on the mountain.

Given that, am I the type of skier to appreciate a ski like the Vertigo G41 Pro 198, or are those more of the 'new school' type of ski (as the name 'freeride' implies to me)?

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Freeride are basicly midfat type ski's were the waste of the ski are usually around 70mm wide so they can be used for crud busting and some limited powder use. Example of this would be Atomic Beta Ride 9.22 or K2 Axis X, or Volkl Vertigo G3. but a Freeride usually isnt the stiffest ski like the Volkl Vertigo Motion which has the same dimensions as the Volkl Vertigo G3 but the G3 is a softer flex. At least thats how SKI magazine describes a freerider.

I personly wouldnt go by the name freerider and look at the dimensions of the ski and the stiffness. Like the Volkl Vertigo Motion is a 108-70-96 so there a mid size in the waste so they usually will perform fairly well through crud and off piste but not quite as good on groomed terrain even though they mite do quite well on groomed terrain. Keeping with Volkl as you like them the Volkl P50 Motion is 103-63-92 dimensions so it wouldnt float as well off piste as the Vertigo but would go like hell on groomed terrain. P50 is not as wide in the waste at 63mm compared to Vertigo at 70mm.

Hope i didnt confuse you too much.
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Freeride means you only pay ($LOTS) at the beginning of the day, and for the rest of the day you can ride for free.<FONT size="1">

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I beg to differ. Freeride = you ride for free = you don't pay anything to ride.

As for skis, they are your general all mountain ski also lovingly called " midfats."

The other post gives measurements, but those aren't the only measurements that apply to define the catagory. Most recreational skiers would be served well by this catagory of ski.
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dc9mm--Vertigo Motion and G3 EnergY are the same ski, less the binding setup in the case of the G3.
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John sorry i thought they were differnt stiffness but what i said also can apply to then the K2 Axis X and Axis X Pro. same dimensions differnt stiffness.

But i like the thought as a free ride ski as free riding of the slopes.
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Wink, I'm not a big fan of beggars. If they want something, they should earn it. Nothing in life is free. If one is riding for free, then they are doing it illegally.

Also, know a joke (as lame as it might be) before you 'beg'. Good boy.
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It means you're like Todd and get your skis for free.
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How about this: Freeride ski, a ride you dont have to work for. They ski so easy, it's no effort to carve or skid the turn. FREE and easy right ?
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