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Vail - Sunday Nov. 20th.

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This was my first time there. WOW, I am in love. Yesterday was warm, sunny, and the whole front side was open. I loved the variety of terrain, from the nice steep intermediate crusiers, to the bumps on the blacks. The snow was great on the upper mtn. and there was 5'+ powder in the trees. Plus, to top it off, it was totally uncrowded!! I had an unbelievable time there, and cannot wait to experience the back bowls!!! What are your favorite trails there?
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Vail Favorites

I really like Riva Ridge - Tourist Trap . It would be almost a perfect if there wasn't the long flat ridge from the Mid Mtn Express lift and the start of Riva.
When Blue Ox is groomed over on chair 11 that's a blast to ski.

Used to ski first thing in the morning Avanti to International when both are groomed. This is a fun run. Zot's bumps at Mid Vail are enough for me as well as the bumps over in Game Creek Bowl. The Slot into the backbowls is a lot of fun. If you want something tougher, try Ghangis Kahn down to the Orient Express lift. There's just so much terrain and variety at Vail. Blue Sky Basin is like its own area.

I also like the first run to your left when getting off the Northwoods Express lift, its a short steep pitch that's bumped out that I can count on screwing up on.

I went there on a ski vacation for the first time in 1980 , it was my first time in Colorado. Skied around a bit , and went to different areas and pretty much liked evrything else, but Vail became my comparison standard.

The only problem with Vail is its getting tougher every year to do it economically. That's probably getting to be more challenging than the skiing .
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My Vail Favorites

I first skied Vail in 1975. The resort and town has morphed into a giant, yet still keeps getting better. I am returning there for the week after Christmas. To keep it affordable, we will stay at the Comfort Inn in Avon and use their free shuttle to Vail and Beaver Creek.

Here are my all time favorites by type of run and section of the mountain.

Morning warmup: Avanti or Northwoods or Ricky's Ridge or Born Free

Powder AM: Forever or Campbell's, then Ghengis Khan or Shangrila, then....

Midday relaxation: Riva Ridge to the Village for lunch or Grand Review and In the Woides before lunch at 2 Elk. Maybe even Dueces Wild before lunch at Mid-Vail.

Afternoon powder stashes and less travelled places (my favorite time of the day): Inner Mongolia Bowl Ridge glades, The Divide, Roger's (one the best and least skied runs at Vail), Seldom Glades, and of course Prima.

Fun with my wife and kids: Chaos Canyon, the Kid's Adventure Zone Glades and fooling around in the Big Rock area of Blue Sky Basin.

Places to avoid: Mid-Vail at Mid-day. Game Creek Bowl in the afternoon. Ruder's Run at the end of the day.

I am really looking forward to expanding my exploration of Blue Sky Basin this season.

We went to SLC last year and I was unimpressed by DV (except for the great tree skiing there), turned off by the blandness and facilities of Alta, and dicovered a gem called Snowbasin. I'll go to Utah as a second choice to the the Vail and Beaver Creek combo menu.

So far, the early season sounds and looks (aren't webcams great!) very good for Vail. We can we hardly wait to get back there.
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