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This storm in the east looks for real tomorrow. As well they are calling for more snow later in the week. My question would be will other secondary type of hills open if they have the snow? Say Burke or even Mad River. They are calling for 6+ here in White River. The mountains may get pounded.

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I'll be up at SR so I hope the snow band goes north.

Demo Days on ice sucks for anything above a 70mm waist.

Last Thanksgiving week was looking just as hopeful and we all know how that turned out.

I'm hoping I get to take the new skis out this weekend.
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Originally Posted by Scalce
I'm hoping I get to take the new skis out this weekend.
Based on that picture you posted a week or so back (your car--with the liftback open)---which would those be?

The 7 pairs left of center? or the 6 pair to the right?
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The other hills in the NE will open on schedule if these next couple of storms produce some significant snowfall. Otherwise look for the resorts to push back their openings probably into early december. The hills that typically open late will probably not open early because of other reasons, staffing, profitability, etc...
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