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What to pack for a skiing holiday

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I am going to Whistler with my wife in a couple of weeks. We are both beginners. Does anyone have a list of things to pack for a skiing holiday. We will be hiring skis and boots but expect to bring everything else ourselves. Can anyone help with a packing list?
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Just bring your American Express card.
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If you own your own boots, by all means take them. Rental boots suck. If you do take your boots, carry them on at all costs! Don't risk damaging or losing them as luggage.
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No scarves, no cotton clothing. Yes, goggles or eye protection, hat, hard shelled gloves. Synthetic, mediun weight socks that extend beyond the boot tops, enough so you don't have to re-use unwashed.

Outerwear use a ski magazine as a guide, not the fashion magazines. Look at the REI catalog. Any good, snow resistant outdoor clothing oriented to active sports will likely do so you don't necessarily have to get a specialized outfit.
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Here’s my pack list, been using and upgrading it for years. I don't bring all this on all trips, but print it out and have it while I pack. With the list I can pack in under an hour and trust I didn't forget anything important (like the bathing suit - most often forgotten pre list days.

My carry on is ski boots, goggles, ski pants and one set of ski underwear – also toiletries (whatever I can’t deal with waiting for if they lose it.)

Ski Boots
Ski Pants
Ski underwear inc. socks
Ski tops
Neck Gator
Flip Flops (for hot tub/pool)
Bathing suit (don’t want to have to buy one there!)
T shirts, shirts
Jeans, sweats
Extra eyeware, contact lens stuff, sunglasses
Room deodorant (shared bathroom)
Tickets, membership cards
Pen paper
Vitamins, medications - first aid, motrin, tums, ice pack
Fanny pack, backpack, etc.
Cellphone charger
Camera, film, batteries

If I bring a laptop, long telephone cord to get to inconveniently placed phone jack. Possible extension cord for power too.

If I'm staying where I'll be able to cook I bring some coffee for the first morning, maybe an oatmeal package,etc. salt/pepper.
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Here is the Kansas City Ski Club's recommended list. I haven't actually read it:


* Footwear
* Blankets or sleeping bag
* Pillow (or pillow case for jacket)
* Cards, small games, things to read
* Wear clothing you can sleep in (sweats make great bus clothes)
* Ski Jacket
* Coolie Cup for cans
* Toothbrush, toothpaste, mints for "bus breath"
* Small bag for personal items and medication (you can't get into luggage stored under the bus)
* Cash/travelers' checks/plastic
* Gum (to pop your ears)
* Motion sickness pills (if needed)
* No wine! (causes sickness)
* No illegal substances


* Skis, boots, poles (can be rented on-site or in Kansas City)
* 2 pair long underwear
* At least 2 pair ski socks (wash & alternate day-to-day)
* Bibs or ski pants
* Goggles and sunglasses
* Ski sweater, if desired
* Turtlenecks
* Ski jacket
* Wool hat
* Waterproof ski gloves or mittens
* Sunscreen, chapstick
* Fanny pack for carrying things
* Kleenex or handkerchief
* Credit card, money, identification
* Wind shirt or powder jacket for warmer weather
* Neck scarf or bandana


* Warm winter footwear
* Swimsuit and towel for hot tub
* Robe (to cover-up in group environment)
* Sleepwear
* Slacks or jeans (dress codes in ski areas are very casual)
* Shirts and sweaters (same as above)
* Camera and film
* Toilet articles
* Underwear, socks
* NO VALUABLES (leave the good jewelry at home)
* Best of all, a sense of humor: the unexpected DOES happen on ski trips!
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