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Dalbello Avanti V Comp

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I've just got myself a pair of these. I haven't used them yet, but they feel very comfortable and didn't need too much fitting. Another reason was the price - around 200 $. What's your opinion about this model?
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Alexosu, I have been in Dalbello V8 Avanti for 3 years, I found a new pair on Ebay for $89 and snapped them up, exact pair as what I have been in. I like their fit for I have a wide EE foot up in the toe box, the flex pattern especially when in the mid to soft postion works good for me . I'm 6' 205lbs. The only problem I have had is when temps get really low 0- -20F below they become very stiff. But compared to other boots I have had especially. a Technica TNT they remain very flexible. I think Dalbello gives a great product for their pricing. I have bought retail and around $275-$350 for their boots I think they are a great deal.
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I skied in a pair of V Comps for most of two seasons. It's a high volume boot. Dalbello I think provides a very good boot for the money. The boot is also very adjustable.
I desired a little closer fit and ended up getting different boots. I probably should have down sized one shell size based on the volume . The other issue I had was the cuff was too large for my skinny calves. If you have a good fit, I think you'll be very happy with your purchase.
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