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K2 Mach G same as Patriot GT6?

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I need to replace my K2 Patriot GT6's as i damaged them at the end of last season, and one of them seems to be slightly bent (they have metal in them that didn't seem to mix well with bumps........)

The Mach G seems to be the same ski?, or very similar but i cannot seem to find much about them, has anyone used them and can comment. The GT6 was a 181 and about as stiff as i really want to go, so if the mach g is beefier it would not be a good idea. I'm a level 7 skier, 5 foot 9, and 175lbs.

Thanks for any contributions
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The Mach G and GT6 are the exact same ski, with one difference that makes no difference at all in fact. The GT6 had the peizio dampening light in them, and the Mach G did not. The reason for this was that first off the little light did nothing at all int he first place, but coupled with the MOD technology the ski was made so damp that the light was rendered useless. Therefore K2 marketed the MOD as being an improvement over the little light - no doubt that it was a huge improvement. I have not skied them personally but it seems that the Mach G would be an excelle GS type ski to be used as a free ski. Personally i liked the graphics on the GT6 much better than the Mach G. Also, if youre looking for a more stable ski, check out the race stock version of the ski. I dont know how muhc more metal it has... it may in fact be softer as most race stock boards usually are. There are several pairs on ebay right now selling pretty cheap. They were an excellent ski in the past few years, but were not a terribly fast race ski. This years race stock skis from K2 look great, they still arent really fast, but they look amazing. They are possibly the best looking race skis out there right now... Red, white, and Blue flag-type pattern all over the ski, with a white background. If I was independantly wealthy id get a pair just because they look flashy.
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Thanks, looks like i shall be buying a pair of mach G's. The GT6's are a great ski for zipping around on piste, even with the flashing light thing. Reminds me of winding up a friend (who was a beginner), I managed to convince him the the light was part of a hi tech data logging system! Problem was he told his ski instructor who then thought that both he and I were nuts!

Anyway thanks for the information, i will try to avoid bumps with the mach g !
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I've got a pair of GT6's that are practically brand new that I'm going to be selling. There 188's though, might be more than what you want to be swinging around, but if you want them, I'll give you a deal on them. Let me know if you're interested.
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Thanks for the offer, but 188 is a bit long for me.
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The GT6 was a fun ski, but a newer-style racecarver/supercross ski will likely be more fun, due to the smaller turn radius (21m on the GT6/MachG). I had that ski a couple of years ago, but went to a GS-style ski with more sidecut (the Head Worldcup, now the i-Race or XRC) and haven't looked back since. Still, though if you can pick up a pair for $100 or so, it would be worth it.
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