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Should I 'upgrade' from my 9.22. If so, to what?

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I broke my almost new Atomic 9.22 BetaRides late last season and the ski shop is going to replace them (using the warranty). I was okay after that because I ended up skiing my bump skis the rest of the season (Salomon 1080 Mogul).

They are planning on giving me the new 9.22's early season.. However, they might let me 'upgrade' if I want to (difference in the ski's cost). If they give me that chance, would it be worth it for me to do so? Some of the options would be the other BetaRide models, and maybe some Salomon models (not sure if they have Rossi or K2 also, but they might).

Anyway, I like the 9.22's a lot, but I was just wondering if there was something better for me. I ski mainly east coast. I ski my bump skis about a third of the time, but even when not on them I do a fair amount of bumps, spend a lot of time in the trees (usually deeper and cruddier in there), and do a handful of cruisers (depends who I am with), favoring short turns. When I go west I go for similar terrain, but I also look for steeps, chutes, and powder (I like narrow spaces).

Options? What would I gain and give up with those options?
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I am not sure if I will be able to upgrade, but it's worth a shot. I know the guys at the shop pretty well. Do you know what I would give up or gain between the 9.22 and the 10.22? I really like the short quick fall line turns action that is easy with the 9.22. You mention Volkl, which one?
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The only reviews out(that are easy to find) are on www.peterkeelty.com. I see an Atomic 10.20 Betaride.
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I have the 11.20 in 180 cm for precisely what you described, trees and quick turns on the groomed. They turn fast and do equally well at speed, I ran a few G.S. courses with them. The only weird part is running them flat and straight on hard pack. They are squirrely, because of the riser. They are much snappier and more race like compared to the 10.20.
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The Volkl G31 (I guess it's the G3 now or Vertigo Motion if you want the integral binding) would serve you well. My G31s are very nearly on par with my P40 F1s in terms of grip on ice, and stability at speed. The extra width helps in the trees of course. The width makes hard east-coast bumps a little less fun, and you can also feel it in hard off-camber turns. Overall, the ski rips... I use it as my travel ski since I can't bring ALL my boards on trips.
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You gave a good idea of what terrain and technique you like, but your physical stats would help. I think that Gonzo might have meant the 10.20, not the 10.22. The 10.22 is the full bore GS race ski. They are fun, but not a true all-mtn. ski like the 9.22 B-Ride. I think that the 10.20 for '02 might be a consideration. It is a tweaked version of the 9.20 B-Ride from last year...a slightly de-tuned 10.20 B-ride from the '01 version. I don't believe that it has the Ti layers.

One issue with the 10.20 or 11.20 would be the riser. If you are not currently using an Atomic binding, you would have to get some. No other binding is recommneded (although I have seen it) to be used on those models.

IMO, the 9.22 is right where you should be. It is the quickest and snapiest of the Atomic mid-fats. It is also very effortless...even could be described as "twitchy" by those with a heavy pressure skiing style. the 10.20 and 11.20 definitely out do in the GS/speed department, but I feel are much more demanding of the skier and just a bit more work in the chutes and tight spots. Let me add that I prefer the 10.20 from last season over the 9.22, but if I were a short turn, bump addict, my preference would be reversed.
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Bandit Man,

I hear you. I love the 9.22 because it is the kind of ski for what I do. It would be on a Rossi binding.

I am 5'10", about 187. Ski aggressively. Was a progressing level 7 skier last year, level 8 skier this year. Definitely not a 9.

So, sticking with the 9.22 might be the best course of action here..

Thanks for all the input!
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Most of the same interests here...9.22 and G3 are the leading candidates...both look like they'll be Grrreat from the steeps to the trees...
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