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Volkl Vertigo G2

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I have the chance to buy "cheap" a pair of Vertigo G2 with motion bindings. They are a 2003 ski in almost "new" condition.

There seems to be very little information available about this "older" ski.

Use would be mainly piste 60/40.

Is anyone still using this ski? Any information would be great.
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What level skier are you? The G2 is an intermediate to (maybe) advanced ski (the G3 was the advanced/expert ski). I found them to be very good skis for those of us coming from traditional sidecut skis and transitioning without getting coaching on riding differently.
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About level 6 Int/Advanced

Last trips I have rented stiffer carving skis such as head monster and salomon.

I am about 110kg and tend to think that the G2 may be a bit slappy?

Thanks for the reply
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K2 Apache Crossfire

I have been reseaching the above ski and think that they may be just about right for the job?

Anyone any recent feedback?
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The Crossfire is a lot more ski than the G2. I think that the G2 would actually be a better ski for you than the Crossfire--unless you're committing to taking coaching this season!
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