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Atomic M:11 vs. B5

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I´ve been looking for a pair of 04/05 B5´s but I haven´t had any luck. Could anyone explain to me the difference between the B5 and M:11?

I´m a NE skiier who heads out west for a week or two every year, so I´d like something that does well in eastern crud/groomers/etc but that can also handle power from time to time. Which ski would be more appropriate?

Any avice is greatly appreciated...Thanks.
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jack, what size are you? Speed you like to ski and terrain? The two skis have the same geometry, but the b5 is a beefier ski, and so handles a bit better (in fact, I tend to suggest folks try the longer M:11 and shorter M:B5). They do sound like good skis for you given what you seek (if you prefer shorter turns and carving, that is).

Have you tried them?
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Thanks for your help...I´m 6´1, 188 lbs (w/o gear)...I´m an agressive skiier, although not usually the most agressive skiier on the mountain. I´m probably a level 8, with solid technique. I love to carve, but I also like to venture off trail when fresh snow has fallen.

Would there be a big difference between the B5 and M:11? Thanks very much for your help.
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jack, as you can see from my review of the b5 yesterday, it is my gold standard for skis. Last year, I rode the M:11 at a demo, too, and just found it to be not as much fun for me. I skied the b5 all last season, and reported my on-going impressions here. For whatever it's worth, I'll be on them again this year (the 05/06 version).

My personal impression is that the b5 is a bit more stable and a bit more capable of extreme angles and forces. But, it's more cost than the M:11, so you'll need to make that value choice on your own.
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B5 M11 Comparisons

I'm your size and weight and approximate ability level and have a M11 in a 162 cm. My friend that I ski with frequently has a B5 in a 162 cm. We have the same boot size and have switched skis on several occassions in a variety of conditions. The B5 in my opinion is ceratinly worth the extra money represented. Compare the power puls on the M 11 to the power rods on the B5. The 5 is unflappable on hard snow and ice while the M11 does not hold as well in those conditions. I've found in soft snow and groomed cordoury , the differences are not as discernible. I suggest the B5 , particularly if you ski a lot on hard pack.

If you like bumps, the M11 might be a little better as it is not as stiff of a ski. Both skis will serve you well, the B5 has a higher upper end in my opinion.
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Hey Jack, welcome to epicski. Aren't you the guy that got lamasted on TGR for asking this same question? I remember reading the thread title and thinking "Oof, this isn't going to be pretty." Well you survived the maggots assault, so welcome to the land of endless Metron talk.
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