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Snow report data log?

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Anyone know of a resource that stores snow fall data from past seasons.

IE if one wanted to comapare year to year at a specific resort for specific dates?

I have looked and haven't found one yet.

I know ski hill owners would cring at this one as every year is the "best"
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You could try:

They have historical data on a lot of resorts.
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try http://www.noaa.gov/ they should have all the info/ tecord keeping yu desire
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www.skiclub.co.uk must be a paying memeber to see more than one year past.

http://www.noaa.gov/ might be something buried in there but is all US data. My bad should have stated I wanted Canadian data

http://bestsnow.net/ this proves to be promising upon quick check.
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SkiClub used to be free.
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For the cascades: here is a great site w/ historical data - and a really user friendly UI.
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Ask Tony Crocker, he posts here. I'm sure he can give you the info you want.
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I've been offline (Caribbean cruise) for the past week. SnowFALL data is somewhat hard to come by. The only people interested in it are skiers and avalanche forecasters. Typical government sources will usually just track water content, which is what they want for hydrology, water supply forecasting, etc. Water content can also be measured remotely by weighing the snowpack, then radioing the results. Snowfall must be measured daily in person, which precludes measurements in remote/inaccessible locations. For example I've never found daily measurements in heliski terrain.

The Ski Club of Great Britain data (weekly base depths) is the best I've found for the Alps, but I haven't looked that hard, given cost and language barriers. Anyone who can get me historical monthly snowfall data from the Alps I would greatly appreciate it.

My website http://bestsnow.net summarizes North America snowfall data with averages, standard deviations, statistical adjustments to put every area on a November 1 to April 30 consistent basis. I charge a modest $15 fee for the raw data http://bestsnow.net/advtsnet.htm for personal use.
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I was thiking more on a simple basis of logging what the resorts report ( I know hardley to be trusted but on average they are not far off)

Just a simple chart of date and snow fall, futhered by the mid mountain base #'s and maybe the temps for good measure.

Haven't checked your site yet, does it include Western Canadian Resorts?
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Western Canadian resorts here: http://bestsnow.net/crocnet.htm, except for Whistler, which I have in the Pacific Northwest section http://bestsnow.net/nwstnet.htm.
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Perhaps I did not explain my data wish well enough.

I would like to pick a date say from last year Nov 25 and Nov 25 this year and compare reported snow fall, base accumulation,

I can't tell you how many conversations over the years, well 99 was better, 2000 was the best etc... I think it was better opening day two years ago.

It isn't always about total annual snow fall but how much and how often it falls, how much fell by a certain time.

One could say use this to plan a trip for early season. Right now there is nothing to give data on how much fell at a certain time in the past in a certain resort location.

You could better your chances of fresh now success by using the average of all the days in the last 10 years, 20 years on a specific day or week.

I agree useless information for anyone other than a skier or boarder, but on the other hand very nice to have if you are.
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