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Ski boot question

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Hi All,

I have recently been for a boot fitting and tried several boots. I found a boot that seemed to fit well (Salomon X Wave 8.0) and would probably suit my skiing also. The only problem is I have a small foot and the boot is only available for my size in the "Ladies Version" not the "Mens". I am fairly light (72kg) and have large calf muscles so the shorter inner may suit.
Anyway, my question is, are there major differences and would it be noticable in my skiing.

Thanks for any advice.
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Hi Mick,
Welcome to Epic!
As far as I'm aware, the main difference is in the cuff, to allow for a difference in shape of leg between men and women.

That, and of course, when you buy the men's version you don't get the matching handbag...


P.S. I'll let some of the boot experts give the correct answer, but there are many ladies skiing in mens boots, so I don't see why not.
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Women's boots are often significantly softer than the coresponding model in a man's size. For me, I would probably only be happy with a top of the line women's boot, but I use something a couple of steps softer than the stiffest men's boot. You should be able to determine the relative stiffness of all the boots from the manufacturer's website.

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thanks John,

The flex index is 80 as opposed to 90 in the mens version. I am not an agressive skier and the boot felt ok in the shop. I am looking for a more forgiving boot as I find my current boots (the old Yellow Lange Tii) too stiff in the bumps. I have bought new skis also (K2 Axis XT) and have heard boots do not have to be as stiff with the modern ski.

PS - Fox - They also come with matching fluffy ear muffs
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If the boot fits, wear it.
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All Xwaves and Cross max boots are the SAME shape, just the flex, features, and price change. Also this has been the same boot for a few years now, so the older ones are the same too.

I've measured a 25 in both (X wave 8 W and X wave 9M). Same cuff hieght, same heel pocket size, same fore foot width, just different colors and a un noticable difference in flex

Mens X wave go down to a 24 to 30 shell, and Womans to a 22 to 27.0, but again not that it matters.

Also just so you know the 24 and 24.5 will pack out to the same size, as the shells are the same, just different liners. Make sure you have 1/2 between your heel and the shell of the boot when the liner is out and your toes are touching the end of the boot. Any more and get the next SHELL size down.
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Thanks for all the help, I decided to go with the boots and they feel great. Can't wait to try the new gear on the slopes.

Thanks again, great forum.
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