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Blizzard of Oz

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Hello Folks!

Hope someone out there can help me locate either a used or new copy of the Blizzard of Oz. Any assistance will be appreciated. It is for a Christmas gift.

If someone can direct me to a source or if you have one you can spare or copy...I'll be happy to pay for your trouble.

Thanks! and happy skiing.

11/21/05...I'm new to this forum so I hope I've gotten this right as far as responding to ???????'s.

1) You're right, it's Wizzard of AAhhh's.
2) It's a movie introducing Glen Plake who (I believe) is considered to be the "father" (sorry Glen, no offense intended) of extreme skiiing.
3) I am looking for a single copy of The Blizzard of AAhhh's. So far, any sources supplied are either sold out of the "single" or sell the newest box set. I'll buy the box set as a last resort but would prefer to have a single. I haven't heard any mention of any other show that he wants so I'm guessing that he's not interested in any other shows.......

Any other suggestions? Really, just a copy would be appreciated............
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What is Blizzard of oz? is it a book?
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I believe it is "Blizzard of Ahhhs". Amazon has a Greg Stump 4 DVD set that includes it. Maybe some used VHS versions are out there too.
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Oops. The link did not work.
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Also available on Yahoo - http://shop.store.yahoo.com/snowshack/skierguidtog.html.

I bought the 4 pack last year - Blizzard a great film. I don't miss those skis or the outfits but those boys could huck.
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I have a copy somewhere of it...on Beta. I did just pick up "The Maltese Flamingo" DVD on Ebay for 88 cents.
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New England Ski Museum sells it online
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