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Roomshare at the Stoweflake?

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Would anyone be willing to share a room with a quiet, shy, Irishman, who has just booked his flights all the way from London to go to the Eastern ESA?

If not, what about me?

What I'm saying is:

I will be there, now I need somewhere to sleep!

Now, for those of you who haven't signed up yet, there's more reason than ever to do so:
1. You'll get to meet me
2. You'll get to ski with me
3. You'll get to drink with me
4. You might even get to sleep with me (No, NOT LIKE THAT...)

I may even bring over some speciality liquids for imbibation!
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat
I may even bring over some speciality liquids for imbibation!

Guiness is over-rated.....

Cannot comment on other things Irish
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I was thinking more in terms of Absinthe, Jagermeister, Toffee Vodka...
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If I can figure out a way to talk my buddy out of coming I'll have room. The only problem with telling him he can't come is, he takes care of the lodging every weekend at Okemo. Not someone I want to piss off...

Wow, now there's another reason I'm looking forward to Stowe and ESA East.

I'll get to meet Fox. Way Cool... !
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Don't talk him out of coming, how about getting another friend to come, and I'll share with her?
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POSH! Nice digs you've selected Fox. The bar is pretty well stocked too ... massage and sauna ... nothing like "roughing it".
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I have thought about asking her, but she is into teaching at Okemo or will have to meet her daughter when she returns from skiing and the FIS races in Canada. I think she returns that weekend, she leaves for out there today. Yea, tough life for a for the kid, 4 weeks skiing mostly SG and DH. She just returned from Austria 3 weeks ago.

May be we should talk skier_j into letting Bonnie loose for the weekend?

Haven't heard much from her lately. I'll have to misspell something, that will get her.
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Gee, Max, you misspelled my NAME! Gotcha.

I'm dyin an cryin......I'll miss the event in total, but it's even worse now that I'll be missing the opportunity to watch Fox do his apres ski exercises! It's worth the price of admission just for that, folks!

I got a job, and I will more than likely have to work Friday and Sunday. It's only a 3 hour drive....hmmmm.....ponder, ponder.

If you're going through Bennington, on your way home and we happen to be open, stop by at CB Sports on Route 7 downtown and say Howdy! I'm the one with the dazed look buzzing around....the Assman (Assistant Manager).

Ski you later!
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Just booked me a room at the Stoweflake!
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That, Bonni, she doesn't miss a thing. Must be tough to be skier_j...

Fox, this is going to be a fun weekend. Thanks for making the trip.

If you have any problems with your flights, my buddy works for the FAA, there mote is "were not happy until your not happy". LOL
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Max, it's going to be a great season opener for me!
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And here's the 10 day forecast from Weather.com...
Today:AM Snow Showers:24°F :14°F

Thu: Snow / Wind:30°F :17°F
Fri: Mostly Cloudy:30°F :9°F
Sat: Partly Cloudy:26°F :9°F
Sun: Few Snow Showers:26°F :10°F
Mon: Few Snow Showers:29°F :11°F
Tue: Partly Cloudy:29°F :18°F
Wed: Snow Shower:34°F :23°F
Thu: Rain / Snow:35°F :25°F
Fri: Snow Shower:33°F :25°F


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Fox - have you skied in VT before?
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Originally Posted by epic
Fox - have you skied in VT before?
Not yet.

Any tips?
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Grind and sharpen....


pretty cool little video pops up, some nice viewing
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Check it out Fox.

Bring your cold weather gear and sun glasses, you never know what your going to get.
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WTFH: the most accurate weather forecasts in the states are from NOAA:
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat
Not yet.

Any tips?
Bring a file and it tends to be cold. Stowe is a great mountain but mid Dec. could be dicey. They could be short on snow. It will be great though. Vermonters are good people even in Stowe.

If the front four is open you're in for some fine skiing. The gondola is dull. and I have never skied Spruce.

Skied there one Thanksgiving after and during a big dump. The whole mountain was open (no snowmaking). Life time experience.
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Originally Posted by Max Capacity

Check it out Fox.

Bring your cold weather gear and sun glasses, you never know what your going to get.
So, forget the strapless LBD and slingbacks?
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Yea, you could leave your shorts at home too.
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Bring your hockey skates for the early morning ride, but it'll soften up by 2 pm when the sun hits it for an hour. Just kidding. Here in Southern Vermont we are supposed to get up to 60 degrees by Tuesday. Bye Bye Snow.

But.........the next day could see well below freezing temps....ya never know out here........dress in layers.

You'll be ok, just don't fall. It won't be that cushy stuff the rest of the world enjoys and this time of year, you could be picking rocks out of your knees. :
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Hey Fox,
Last Sunday I skied in a wind proof fleece and spring gloves. This past Friday Nov 26th it was 17F with a wind chill of about 5F. The surface was good but got buffed in the late morning. Buffed is employee code for icey, there are two words we can't say, that is one, the other is the "R" word, you know, liquid snow.

Nov 27th was comfortable, temps were in the upper 20'sF. Today we had an inversion layer. About mid Mt it warmed up a bit, but that changed after lunch. It got cold on top and warm on the bottom. Well warm being low 30'sF

You'll need to bring goggles that will help you see in the flat light, rose tint seems to work well.

Okemo's manmade snow on 31 trails was pretty much upto the standard they have set. Some of the snow was like skiing on silk.

Hey see you in 3 weeks.

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Can't wait!
(Although, I don't think I need to bring the Pistols... )
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Fox, Another (male) student is looking for a roommate. I gave him your name.
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Thanks, I'll wait to hear from him!
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OK, that didn't work out, so I still got room, ladies...
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Cmon, ladies.........he's not THAT shy!
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Roomshare has gone. But if any of the young ladies want a room share, Mr Hazmat can always sleep somewhere else...
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Stewart, That's cold man! However, we could always share with the different ladies. : I believe in the old saying "variety is the spice of life" Har! Har!

Anyway, glad you got my PM, looking forward to a good time. Haven't got a confirmation on my registration though. :

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There's always the boiler room, Mr. Hazmat. I hear it accomodates quite warmly.
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