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Tuning Tips and Tails

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So we have been talking about tuning new skis from tips to tails.

I took out my Atomics and the tails are easy to sharpen but the tips seem to loose their edge right where the shovel begins.

I have been slightly detuning the tips and tails but decided to sharpen them for my ski trip next week.

How do you possibly sharpen the shovels when they curve both up and around?

The file guide or rolling tuner just can't go around a turn accurately like that.

So when you guys say tip to tail do you mean right up to the plastic is as sharp as under the binding?

I took off some sidewall but it still seems pretty difficult to get the tips just as sharp as a straight edge.

I can see the tail being sharp but I just don't see how the very tip being sharp is important as it is never going to contact the snow.
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when we refer to tuning tip to tail, it's a reference to the contact points of the ski, as in having the edges sharp for the whole length of the ski that actually touches the snow, not the very tip of the ski.

Hope that clears things up
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Actually, I go higher than snow contact (measured when skis are sitting flat) and tune the whole edge as cleanly as I possibly can. When I roll the ski on edge, I use a little more edge, so I want it to be sharp there as well. I also like the edges to be hardened a little in that area, because the tips take a beating in the liftline.
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