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Well, as you can see from my demo thread, we had a great day at Loveland today. In fact, we all kept commenting about how we couldn't believe that the conditions we were having were November 19th.

Today, Loveland opened a lot of terrain, and had lifts 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8 open at the Basin. Some of the terrain had clearly not been skied very much, and we had freshies all day. During a couple of runs off 4, we found snow in the rollers that was chest deep, and many knee-to-hip-deep shots. The snow is so fresh that planting poles on the bumps results in a pole poking through the bumps and a bit of "oops!"

It was great to see so many bears today. Noodler hooked up with me when he got there, I had a couple of friends with me (Joe and Ross), and saw madbee and hubby in the lodge before we started out. Later, while waiting for skis, we were talking to some folks about EpicSki, and JASP walked up and introduced himself.

All-in-all a tremendous day, fun demos, great times, and meeting more Bears. Plus, great early season conditions. It doesn't get much better than that!