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Booth Creek negates tips for employees.

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Booth Creek's little secret shows heartlessness towards employees by some of the big ski corporations.

Last year the snow conditions were so lousy in the NW that Summit at Snoqualmie extended their season passes to this year. Booth Creek was good to its customers. All you had to do was update your info and bam....new pass. So as part of their season pass promotion they offer a food and beverage discount card as an incentive to upgrade. $99 extra for a few lesson clinics and the food and bev card valued at $100.

All is good. The card worked just fine for me. The unfortunate side effect is no tips for the employees. It runs through the credit card terminal at the bar. It gives you the opportunity to leave a tip for the employees who served you, just like a normal credit card tab. The little secret is that tip is not charged though the card at all. The system doesn't allow for tips. The employee doesn't get any tip. I only found out when I checked my online account.

On my next visit to the slopes I pressed an employee for the scoop. The staff are specifically prevented from mentioning this to guests.

I try to be a good consumer. I tip for friendly/good service in restaurants. Nowhere in their brochure or or website is this mentioned. It seems just a bit sleazy. I'm sure it is just an unintentional side effect of how the cards are processed. If a customer leaves a $10 tip on a $50 bar tab, it get recorded as $50 only. (No, my bill was not that large)

I feel sorry for the waitresses and bar keeps who have to bite their tongues accept that they are getting paid minimum wage or less and won't get the tip that customer thought they were giving. Booth Creek should keep it all above board. Just a little note on the site or on the card would suffice. They should notify F&B card users that they should tip in cash if they want to.

Booth Creek responded with a form letter that said nothing. Basically, Thank you for your interest, we will look into it.

I'm sure that other Corporations run their discount cards the same way. I just hope that the staff get the tip you intended to give. Treat the staff right when they make your visit pleasant. It seems that the Corps don't consider the staff when they start these new customer convienence features.

Yes, I did give the bar tender a bit extra last during my last visit.

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to you...
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One more growing pain of the "Mountain cards".
I most always leave a tip in cash.
A few years ago the IRS changed the rules for witholding income tax on tips for waitstaff. Like these were the biggest hemmorrage of lost revenues to the Feds.
My 20% worth ($.02 is too cheap)
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The F-d up thing is that it would probably take some cubicle dweller less than a minute to change the way it is processed.
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Does this situation apply JUST to the FREE $100 card the area gave to last year's passholders to encourage them to return or to any credit card transaction? I can see the area not wanting the free card used for tips. They're giving you $100 "value" in food and drink that costs them $20-25 out of pocket.
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I dunno, but I bet it applies to all card purchases.

There are a lot of foodservice establisments that do very sneaky things with credit card tips. As inconvenient as it is, I always try to leave my tip in cash for that reason as well as what Stache mentioned.
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The employee that I cornered about this worked there for the last few years. It sounded like the "Don't remind customers that tips don't work" rule was in effect last season. That is a big part of what I have a problem about. That the Customer Service Dept told the staff that they couldn't mention it to patrons. All the company has to do is print it on their cards or on the registration page on the web.

From now on: Cash Tips.
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