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Drive-by TR, Southern NH and VT

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Travelled from Central NH back to Syracuse today and got some drive-by views of several ski areas. Sunapee - Almost no cover at all. A few white spots near the top of the mountain at the edges of the trails. Okemo - This was from a long way off. Upper mountain appeared to have quite a bit of cover, but I was looking from at least 20 miles away in Claremont, NH. Magic - Bare Bromley - This was the closest view (I use VT 11 which goes right by Magic and Bromley). They appeared to be attempting to get 1 run open under the main chair. It had good cover in some spots interlaced with wide bands of grass and gravel. Stratton - It appears they're working hard to get 4-5 runs open from the summit. Depending on the light, the cover looked good to sketchy. At 12:00 noon, the outside air thermometer on my car said it was 36 at the base of Bromley. 38 at the base of Magic which is quite a lot lower than Bromley's.Not looking great for Thanksgiving....Highs for Manchester, VT for Sun, Mon, and Tue are 48, 48, 52 with rain on Tue and barely getting below freezing any time before Wed.
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Sugarbush was pretty good yesterday!
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Okemo was great today and yesterday.Good coverage on the three main trails Defiance,Wolrd Cup and Sapphire. Beautiful sunny clear day, Ihad a great time! Terry
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Anyone visit K-mart or Stowe : ?
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Originally Posted by gotamagal
Sugarbush was pretty good yesterday!
Has anything more that summit chair opened up? ... Or does it look like it will by later in the week (Thu/Fri/Sat)?
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Southern Vt skiing 11/19, 11/20

Skied over half day at Okemo both yesterday and today. Three distinct runs open, coverage was good on all. My wife and I took out our junk skis yesterday and our regular skis today. Was really nice getting a cadence to the turns and letting the skis runout once or twice. Best of all was meeting up with our skiing buddies. We're all parents of post race team, in the process of getting out on their own, aspiring adults. Stories about the kids are good and the comaradare of being with folks who enjoy the same obsession as you do is great. Supposedly, the rain will turn to snow following the first storm Tuesday night with snowmaking temperatures from Wed on. Added bonus is a second storm for Thurs into Friday with an early cold outbreak on its heels. Noaa, Accu Weather and unisys seem in agreement. Outlook for the winter is good as well, the warm ocean water which caused the active hurricane season will generate numerous storms, if the pattern the 1930's, 1960's and mid 1990's repeats itself. If not, we'll know why snowmaking ponds are necessary.
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Ditto, it was sure nice to see you two again, as I said when we met at the drop off area at 8:15AM, "now my day is complete".
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