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Weight Loss, etc.??

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I'm 51, 14 lbs. overweight (already lost 6 pounds in one month).

I swim 1500-2000m 6 days/week, jog 5-6K 6 times/week, and started leg weights to treat my aching knees 12 days ago, 3 times/week 45 minutes each.

And today I ran a 10K race in 62 minutes (I'm so proud, and tired!!!).

But I can't seem to loose the 1.5lbs/week I had going? WTF??????

Maybe, just maybe you think its time to eliminate the Rum and DIET Cokes every evening during happy hour (2, sometimes 3 mild drinks)? Egads!

Up for encouragement Bears!
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sometimes you just need to stick with it for a while. I was about 10lbs overweight and I went after it. I dropped the first 6 lbs pretty easily. Then I got stuck for a while. (almost 2 months). I kept with the same diet, kept working out, cardio work, Cycling, etc. Then all of a sudden I started dropping weight again. I'm pretty close to where I want to be now and my body seems to have decided that it's good. I don't go hungry, watch what I eat and in what quantity. I don't count calories and I'm not obsessive about much in my diet. I don't eat red meat (more a lifestyle choice than anything) and my weight seems to be quite stable and has been for several months now. I move up and down in about a 2-3 lb range depending on time of day and how much I've been hydrating/working out but I don't vary more than an oz or 2 from that range.

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So hang in there for a while. Your body is pretty smart. It will find a good balance point.

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I'm honored dchan! And muchas gracias for the encouragement.

BTW, I recall hearing or reading that one's metabolism takes 21 days to change. If so, maybe this is one of the reasons for stump?
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Congrats on the working out. You don't mention what you're taking in (food). Depending on how you're eating, you might be either eating too much or eating too little. Given your dedication on the expenditure side of the book (burning calories), I suspect you're not then overeating.

I'm in a similar boat: 30 lbs over, doing 45 mins cardio 5 x per week; supervised weight lifting for 60 mins x 2 days per week, and I saw no change in my weight. Went to a nutritionist, kept a food diary, and discovered I was eating about 1,400 - 1,800 calories per day normally -- ansd routinely skipping breakfast & lunch. Their take was since I was so low on the caloric intake, this was signaling my body to run my metabolism on super low. So, they asked me to take the food intake up to 1,800 per day, and to eat something including protein every 3 hours. So, this past week I finally lost a pound on the higher caloric intake & the continued workout regimen. So, you might be stuck in low burn metabolism zone. Maybe check w/ a nutritionist.

Stick with it, and remember the benefits are far more than just weight loss.
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Tks David! I'm sticking to it, especially since I've lost anywhere from 10-30 lbs. every year from Sept.-Dec. Yes, I loaf and gain after ski season is finished.

Your take on calories-metabolism is 100%, and I'm going by it. But, get ready for some thrashing if I gain instead of loose, weight that is.

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I heard that it is possible to check if your metabolism has crashed by taking your temperature in the morning.

It should not be below normal.
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The key is what you eat, followed by exercize. I go to weight watchers and it has really helped me understand portion size, the way to keep track and which foods take a toll in terms of "points". I highly recommend that method of weight loss and controll. You will learn alot.

It is not easy to loose weight especially as you get older.

On the weight training aspect: be sure to work the strength portion of your fitness program. A strong muscle burns more even at rest. On swimming - that's great but running will give a much bigger bang for the buck. As I started the tread mill thing I could only walk. Friends at the gym encouraged me to just run as best I could. Now I run, slow, but it's a run none the less and it does make a difference. My sport is competitive swimming, by the way, but for me running is where it's at.

Good luck!
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I just reread your post and saw that you are running and a lot more than I do. You have plenty going on in the fitness arena, so I might add intensity. Weights for me have made a big difference. I work to make the muscle larger and stronger. When you see me you thing that I should have worked harder! I work core and the big muscles.
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Without diet information, I can't specifically help your with diet; I can only give general dietary thoughts. I can provide some advice with the workout, however.

You get plenty of cardio. You don't get any strength work. You will have serious plateau problems until three things are in line. You need to do 25+ minutes of cardio 3X per week and 25+ min of strength training 3X per week. Abs should be worked for about 10 min 3X per week (choose either your strength or cardio day and do it then). You need a real professionally developed program to make sure you are getting the most out of your workouts.

Your diet needs to be good and clean with about 40 -45% carbs, 20-25% fats and the rest protein. For short-term weight lost boost you can up the proteins to a max of 50%. Short term is no more than 6 weeks or so.

Unless you are quite good at the portioning of food you should spend some time (a few weeks) tracking you food intake at a site like Sign up and use the site and its various metrics, its free and easy. Your goal here is to understand how many calories you eat, how many you should be eating, and then track how many you actually eat. The program will track your protein, fat and carb intake each day, week, etc.

Yes, I know it's a pain but if you learn how to eat you will out grow the need for the program quickly.

If you need a good overall program for strength and cardio, has one called Power90, and one called slim in 6. Both are good and you can substitute running or other cardio for the program cardio (although I do not recommend it).

Last thought, do you really want to loose weight or do you want to be more fit? Fitness is the correct combination of strength, endurance and flexibility. Weight loss is, well, weight loss and is pretty valueless for most people. Recent studies seem to indicate that fitness profile is more important than weight profile in assessing long-term health.

If you don't want to buy a canned fitness program, many people here can help you design one on your own. Just ask.

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freeskinow, Gracias! What are core and big muscles?

Maddog, your on fire! To answer your last question, I need both: weightloss and fitness. I had a mild heart attack (miocardial) nearly 10 years ago, at which time I wighed 20# less than now. It was due to heredity, smoking (quit!), and stress. So, weight is a major factor in my life. The fitness is a must, especially as my joints start showing their nasty side (knees specifically, though much better after all I've done, in my "Knee magic" post).

Started strength training Tuesday ( I presume this is working the arms, upper body, shoulders, etc.).

This is my current routine, which I will do until 12/24 when I depart for SKIING in Tahoe/Mammoth:

Mon/Wed/Fri: legs (Paramount equipment) 45 min., ABS 10 min., swim 30 min., then after a 5-6 hour break, jog 5-6K.
Tue/Thu/Sat: upper body, arms, shoulders, same equipment, 45 min., ABS 10 min., then swim 30 min., then after a 5-6 hour break, jog 5-6K.
Sunday OFF.

What I ate today: Bkfst 2 4oz. coffee w/milk foam and 1/2 bagel with ham, Lunch 1/2 pita/tuna melt, dinner fish and salad, then a bit of sugar-free jello with a 1 teaspoon whipped cream. In between some fruits and 2 oz. cashews.

Your thoughts and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
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Here is a thread to my workout back in 2003; it is essentially the workout I discussed in my earlier thread (this is my baseline workout):

If you want more or less time "in the saddle" just adjust the number of rounds you do each workout. For example, when starting you might want to do only one round and then two weeks into the workout you may want to add the second round, and so on. Add as many rounds as you need.

You said you ate:

“What I ate today: Bkfst 2 4oz. coffee w/milk foam and 1/2 bagel with ham, Lunch 1/2 pita/tuna melt, dinner fish and salad, then a bit of sugar-free jello with a 1 teaspoon whipped cream. In between some fruits and 2 oz. cashews.”

Which translates to this (I hope this works, if not I will update in a follow up post):


Coffee/lat1.56fl. Oz109696
Tuna.56.5 oz971021

This is too few calories for the average man (850 cals). You will not be able to lose weight on this diet. I don’t know your weight but the average man needs about 1500 calories to function and lose weight. Also, look at your carb/fat/prot (yours is 25/49/104) analysis and note that you are WAY protein heavy. WAY, dude! Heh. Some thoughts: each meal should try and balance c/f/p to 45/25/30 or for the challenged 40/30/30 (there are diet books written about this c/f/p diet formulation). But don’t make this onerous. Eat dessert if you need to and cheat one or two days per week but don’t binge and purge. Be reasonable and this will work. Make sure you like what you are eating or you won’t stick with it.

For you need a diet you like and can stick with for the long haul. Better for your heart and fitness.

I hope this helps and stick with it. Oh, and eat this holiday. The worst thing you can do is “starve” on holidays. It validates later cheating. Just don’t eat till you are stuffed, content will do.

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Maddog, gracias Again! I looked into your routine, have to re-read a few times, get some "translation", and then I'll start on it.

I'll eat more, up to 1800 +/- calories/day, hopefully this will help.

Actually, I seem to have lost "measurements" based on my belts, maybe it is true that I'm transforming some of the fat into "heavier" muscle?

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It is true that eating too little will cause problems with weight loss. Counting calories is not an easy task, especially if you plan to do it over time.

The Weight Watchers plan is designed to simplify the type (fat,carb,protein) and amount (calorie) as well as the need to balance. This program is so simple yet thorough that you can do it easily. It work and it teaches you how to eat, what foods to be carefull with and what amounts of various foods are good portions.

If you really want to make progress I recommend trying it. By going you take a step toward achieving a goal. I have tried for years to loose weight and this program for me spelled it all out.

I sound like an agent for ww.
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I know nothing of WW but if you can us a product like that and get a reasonably good blend of carbs/fat/protein it would be easy. Just remember, in the end you need to understand how to cook and eat right. Find what works for you and Tally Ho.

Also, if you need help with anything (say interpretation of workouts in particular) I would be happy to call you (my phone calls are free) and discuss or just discuss through here or pm. Let me know. Remember Lisamarie is a great resource.

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Tks freeskinow, I'm going to try regular "common sense" eating just for the sake of proving "common sense". If no results, I'll look into the WW on-line, no WW programs where we live.

Maddog, you are too kind, and I'll take you up, only if your free calls apply to the 809 area code?

In the meantime, what truth to the following: More reps with less weight/effort for weight loss, and less reps with great effort/weight = muscle growth?
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Training for big strong muscles is very beneficial for weitht loss. You are already doing cardio stuff which is also good for weight loss. Get stronger which means heavy weights and fewer reps. Keep up the cardio stuff. And you will loose weight if you eat properly. Remember that if you are training well and eating too much - eating will win. For me it is easier to out eat my training and end up fatter.
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Here's some core stuff from BigE

In the spirit of fixing energy leaks, here's 3 links to a core workout that I hope to use to fix some of my own.... Is this workout reasonable? Is it obviously flawed? I need to start something now for this winter.

When in doubt, tuck it out!
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Originally Posted by freeskinow
In the spirit of fixing energy leaks, here's 3 links to a core workout that I hope to use to fix some of my own.... Is this workout reasonable? Is it obviously flawed? I need to start something now for this winter.

When in doubt, tuck it out!
This seems to be a good core workout. It is very much like core workouts I use in my fighting workouts, although I don't use the ball. Remember this is a 2 day per week workout or 3 days MAX. Too many people think you need to train the core every day and overwork the core.

Well, good luck everyone and have fun out there.

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Please Note

This should be in quotes. I searched this - Lisamarie and Core. I am sorry for not getting enough in the quote to give proper credit.
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