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TR 5_7_06 Empire Canyon (Deer Valley)

Wow. Yesterday's snow turned into some fine cream this morning. Although we haven't had a real dump around here yet this second season, the skiing has been still excellent with great corn skiing.

From the parking lot:

Approaching the top:

Think there is still enough snow? Should suffice at least through June.

Turns on the way down:

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Not bad for "intermediate skiing".
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Anyone ski snowbird this past weekend?
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Another inquirying mind that wants to know how things were at Snowbird this past weekend. Anyone go?
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Didn't do Snowbird, but did do Alta. Refreezes have been a problem. Minimum temps are above freezing all the way up to 10,000', so the snow is pretty soft already early on. Snow depths are pretty good though, with 100" still at mid mountain. Bring sunglasses & sunblock.

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Closing TR & Remarks, 6/1/2006

OK, I did my last skiing this morning. Got up early and headed up once again to Empire Pass (Deer Valley area). Snow has been going rapidly and I had to get clear to the 9K' level before I hit reliable snow pack. Only could muster about 500 vert of skiing, but the surface was still excellent corn under solid pack below. I decided to hang it up for the season, as my last few turns were so good and now locked in memory for what turned out to be one of the best Winter season I've seen yet (although the Spring was a little dissappointing with very little fresh powder after late April). To sum it up:

Start date: 11/15/05 (a little late for me)
Finish Date: 6/1/2006
BC days: Approx. 40
Lift Servede Days: over 50
Noteworthy: Not a single triggered avalanche (intentional or accident) due to unbelievably stable snowpack this season. Didn't even once have to switch my beacon over to receive

Not from this morning, but Memorial Weekend. What was your weekend like?

Still a fair amount of snow up high (above 9K'), but my interest is just not there anymore.

On the skin up. South facing aspects and wind scoured ridgelines showing their summer clothes.

Incidently, I think Snowbird closed this weekend, so that pretty much finishes off this thread. Thanks to all that posted (& read). See you next Fall!


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