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Nice work! I ditched work this morning and hit Eagle at 8;45 on the theory that Ski Team is slow and has no fast tracks- but it was a tight call. Hit first tracks on little desert, freshies on Sitka and Monitor off King Con before heading over to Thanes trees, then Thanes lift to Blueslip Bowl- more freshies(if avalanche debris counts) - Then got to the top of Pioneer lift just when the Jupiter rope dropped. Made fifth chair and very first tracks down that nice wide meadow on West face- screamin' face shots-- then lapped that a couple more times before hiking for Scotty's Bowl freshies- some of the best sking yet- Next, on the hope that Puma Bowl would open up, hiked to High West road and did untracked West face from the top. On the next lap, they opened the peak and Puma bowl- There were a good thirty hikers slogging that last 20 minutes to the top, so me and my party decided(big executive decision) to pass up the ten turns from the top and do an end run by taking high West road to the gate above Puma Bowl and Pioneer Ridge. Paid off- we plundered the freshies before the others even made the summit- not that there wasn't acres of it left. And with McKonky's lift out of action, there'll be freshies all the rest of the day for a little hike... and it's snowing...
One of the top days of the year so far. Sorry- no time for pics!
The snow was deep enough that when we got on the Jupiter chair as some of the first to load, the chair didn't quite clear the new snow on takeoff and our tips dug in- I managed to pull mine out- but it yanked my friend right off the chair and under. He's only a level three instructor. Everyone behind us figured I'd pushed him off to get the freshies..
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Powder I must have been crossing your tracks all morning. Yesterday and today were the first days this season that my knee wasn't bothering me. It felt so damn good to open it up and let the skis run. I also hit the Desert and a few runs off of King Kon. I was tempted to hike to the top of Payday but laziness won out and did the cat walk over to Widowmaker. Did That about 11:30, still some fresh lines. That was my last run of a fine, fine morning.
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Awesome. Two untracked runs down the mens while waiting for the no-name rope to drop, then two untracked runs down no-name. Then the craziness started, mt. ogden bowl opened so 3 out of 4 fingers were hit, new entrances into main ogden chute and first tracks down race starts to the flank. Not a bad day.

Two scary moments today, watched one guy get flushed out of finger #2 by his own sluff and then another skier was skiing in his sluff and couldn't see and nailed a rock, he starfished halfway down the bowl.
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One of these days we are going to hook up Kevin. Here are a few shots from this morning:

Well I dont know why my other shots wont post? I will try to post them later. I was just shooting off the chair while I did laps off JP and Porkys. I had to get back to wrok so I left by 11:30.

There they came up! Here is one more.

Storm track shows more to come this week!
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Keep it coming-- we had a great day here on Mt. Hood, snowing on&off all day; keeping our legs in shape for our trek your direction week after next--

Thanks for the pix!
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Originally Posted by steelman
One of these days we are going to hook up Kevin.
Yeah, we need to. I'm going up for a few runs this morning, silver helmet/blue jacket, mantras.
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Steelman those pics are ssssssssssswwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeet!
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Originally Posted by zion zig zag
Yeah, we need to. I'm going up for a few runs this morning, silver helmet/blue jacket, mantras.
I will be up on Thur.and Fri. Black Helmet, Green shell, Red Boots, 724 Pros. If the weather sucks I will be on JP.
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Here are some shots from Friday morning at PCMR- Mckonky's lift was cannabalized to restart a broken Payday, so all that terrain was pretty much untracked. The storm hit Thursday and this area was only open for a couple of hours in a snowstorm. So Friday morning looked like a good bet- there was some hiking and traversing involved- like in the days before McKonkys lift went in. That was when I was skiing K2 TNCs...

Telechicks, well, Telemoms- Jenny S. And Mrs. Crab, er Ruth...

Looking in... Dead McConky's lift in background.

Nice- started with some low angle stuff to warm up

something steeper.. Jenny drops in..

Amazing day- hope these pics work...
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Crab, Mcconkeys looks like it was a good call for Friday! I skied Thursday morning in the storm. Had to work Friday morning. It pays to earn your turns.
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Silverlode chair was out for ten days last season- maybe McConky's will stay broke for awhile..
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Do you think PCMR could spend a little more money on maintenance? I 'll be out there bright and early tomorrow. Have to be at work by 2pm might have the time to do one over in McConkeys or just might stay low and do a few laps on ( censored )
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Well, it is snowing now.. The rumour I heard was that they're running six packs on quad machinery. Add 300 lbs to every chair and you're going to stress the machine...
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Crab I have a friend who works for Ctec. A lot of mountains are running the same chairs with the same machinery and are not having this problem. So you have to ask yourself "Self what is the common denominator here?" Or could it be dastardly Alta terrorist on tele gear sabotaging PCMR?
Of course PCMR is going to put the blame on Ctec and Ctec on PCMR who really knows?
Damn it is slow tonight send some customers up here will ya!
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well, at least it's snowing heavily...
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I am getting lazy with the camera but I did manage one shot from Friday as well. This is looking south from the Needles Lodge at "Arrowhead". It was another awesome day and the best part was that I got to ski with my wife for only the 3rd time thid year. It's great to play hooky from work and hang out with your best girl.
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Originally Posted by Mr. Crab
Well, it is snowing now.. The rumour I heard was that they're running six packs on quad machinery. Add 300 lbs to every chair and you're going to stress the machine...
More like 600#. Have you seen America's waistline lately?

Oh, and considering CTEC is paying for upgraded gear boxes, whom do you think is to blame?
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I was being generous... Steelman, that's awesome- a pity that the Bears gathering hit SB an a funky day..
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Nice pics guys. I wish I could get out there again this year, but it ain't happening. I'll also have to hit Snowbasin next time. By all accounts it looks like a great mountain.
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Powder Mountain, 3/12/06

Not all that good. Fought manky snow all day. Very unconsistent and surprisingly chopped up for such an empty place.

From the Sundown lot. Hike to / snowcat stuff on the N side of that ridge. Surprisingly tracked out:

Run out of hike to / snowcat stuff:

The low angle terrain off of Hidden Lake had far better snow quality:

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Don't you ever work?
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Originally Posted by drb
Don't you ever work?
Not when its been snowing!
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Originally Posted by drb
Don't you ever work?
My boss was skiing with me
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Is the Boss writing off The cost of a lift ticket? I mean you could always say you were looking at new busness opertunties to expand the company profolio.
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Kinda hard to write off since we're in the Biotech field, but I'll look into it
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Your just looking for little things that thrive in the snow at altitude for research into combating Altitude sickness. Yeah that's the ticket. The IRS should go for that.

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood! Cole Sport has thier 1/2 price sale bought a nice pair of Marmot storm king soft shell pants. Then hit it for some Knee deep Powder! Around 10am the storm moves on and The sun comes out. it's a blue bird day! Wow what a morning. I love days like this when I work late. Life is good.
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How was the density? I took off medium density stuff off my driveway this morning. Seemed kinda moist.
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I skied alta from open to close today. Living here all winter I have to say today was a top 5 day of the year mabye top 2.

Not sure of the density but it was light, blower powder. Knee deep everywhere, thy to waist in places. The road did not open until close to 12 so face shots were had all morning. More snow in the forecast for friday/saturday.

Alta/snowbird are going off right now and its not over yet.
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lower down on the mountain it was a med to light Up around mid mountain it was lighter. I didn't have time to make it back to Jupiter. Looking over at McConkeys I was seriously thinking screw work I'm skiing! Then my bank account said better get to work.
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Originally Posted by Powdr
Kinda hard to write off since we're in the Biotech field, but I'll look into it
Biotech? Need a consultant? I have two doctoral degrees and am available Dec-March.
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