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The Best Ski Tuner in The Whole World!

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Well, MY whole world, anyway! No one’s ever touching my skis again except for Mike DeSantis at The Ski Shop on Route 9 in Framingham, MA! My BetaRace 9.20’s now ski as good as brand new – or better:

Consistent predictable response;
Felt like I was using the whole ski, not just the part that, before, seemed to work;
Therefore, they seemed like they had a larger sweetspot;
Less input required – had to be subtler in my movements (a good thing);
Skis did exactly what my feet told them to – and nothing else;
Better straight-line tracking (shaped skis CAN go straight);
Was able to do Bob Barnes’ ‘Cross-under’ as readily as his ‘Cross-over’ move.
Significantly improved the quality and precision of my ‘Mambo’ turns!

Not only is he a precise and expert tuner (yes, he’s got the Wintersteiger machine with the Ceramic Cup Edge Finisher and everything), he’s also willing to patiently explain exactly what he’s going to do and why. Check ‘m out on the web at skiwall.com!
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Sweet, thanks for recommendation.
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It does make a difference! I was fortunate to have the opportunity to take a hands-on tuning course from Blake Lewis, who was an Atomic racerep, who tuned Bill Johnson's skis for the Olympic Gold in the Downhill. Several times I have demoed skis and when getting back on mine it was as if they had wings by comparison. Learn how to keep then tuned yourself: it is not that hard.
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I,m probably going to tell you something you won't believe, but I would avoid machine tuning as much as possible. I just re-tuned two sets of my own skis that had been machine tuned by a reputable shop. They ski MUCH better now. I agree with what has been said above, learn how to do it if you want precision.
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I wish I could work on my skis myself as I used to, but - don't have time any more. And Massachusets is quite a drive from Norhtern Jersey. Anybody has a recomendation for a good ski shop? Last time I brought skis to my local shop in Westwood they were perfectly ruined :
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Crudmeister & Lucky:

OK, I understand and accept what you guys are saying – if you want something done right, do it yourself! I feel the same way about setting up my guitars: No one does it as well as I do, because they’re MY guitars! So, I AM working on building up my ski tuning chops. (Fortunately, I have a junk pair available to me on which I can practice.) All I was really saying is that of the 5 shops I’ve tried south west of Boston, this guy, Mike DeSantis, is the only guy I’ve encountered that not only seems to really know what he’s doing, but is willing to discuss it in detail as well. For people in this area who don’t or won’t tune their own skis, I wanted to help them avoid my mistakes and give Mike what I believe is a richly deserved recommendation. Again, check ‘em out @ skiwall.com. The guy’s got quite a resume.

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I generally do my own tuning, and though I am not the best in the world, my tunes are pretty darn good. That said, the guy I think is the best is Army. He still holds the fastest top speed at Kitzbuhel with Cary Mullen as the skier. You want fast, I can make you fast. You want really fast, get Army.

**NOTE** Army does not tune just anyone's skis. Must be one of his sponsored or supported racers, or a good friend.
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Well that is handy then.

Best tuners: 1060 Shop at Whakapapa, NZ because they spend their whole time fixing the kind of holes that volcanic rock leaves in your skis.
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I tune my own skis too. The only problem with shop machine tuning is the driver. Sounds like this guy cares to set up the machine correctly. The Wintersteiger is a good machine, but still needs to be calabrated and run correctly. Also, what a lot of shops don't do is re-true the stones; as they pump skis through the stone wear off true, and then start grinding your skis off true. As a rule, avoid high volume shops, talk to racers and find out where they take theirs, be knowlegable enough to ask for what you want.

Be the Banana.
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"The Best Ski Tuner in The Whole World!"

Deifinitely NOT an over statement. Mike is without a doubt the best ski tuner available to the public. See, the thing is, he was a World Cup Tech for Volkl and basicly wrote their "book", and was their product manager for a while too. He quit because he wanted to get in a part of the business closer to the consumer, and got tired of working for "the man". I have recommended him before on this board. He has done a couple pairs of my skis, but I usually just get stone grinds and hand bevel myself.

He makes everyone else look baaaaaaad.......

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