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Confused now - help?

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Further to my B 11/AMC73/AC3 thread below (thanks to all who replied), have been into the city today to see what's available.

I think I might have to abandon the idea of the Balanze 11. Firstly nobody has it here and secondly I tried picking up an 04/05 B5 162 and could quite literally barely lift it

Found a shop that has the AMC73, unfortunately not for daily hire (only season rent). What's confusing me is instead of the orange highlighting shown on all the web sites, it's got green highlighting and is designated as an AMC 7.3 (not 73). The shop is def kosher, so can anyone shed any light?

Secondly as ever, the reviews of this ski are a mixed bag. From what I read on here and elsewhere, it seems that heavier skiers find it a bit skittish, hard work and unstable at speed. Yet sites such as Sierra Jim's and Realskiers seem to rate it highly. I'm a 67 kg 5'6" female. A number of reviews put it in the intermediate-advanced category. As I can probably be classed as advanced, does this suggest it wouldn't have much scope for improvement for me?

I also found the Head Wild Thang for the same price - any thoughts on this ski?

The Volkl Attiva 5* and the Fischer Vision 50 are also available, but I think they don't much like anything other than groomed pistes?Thanks in advance for any comments
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The thing that would keep me from the vision 50 is the small turn radius (10 m at 155cm). I doubt it would handle longer turns at speed. If you only want it for short turns and slow to medium speeds, it would probably be great. I see you have access to Keelty's speed ratings. They seem to jive as well as can be expected given the rigid nature of the reports with my experience on skis I've been on(I'd give the sx10 a higher limit, but still lower than the 11), so I'll say no more about that.
That's wierd about the colours. and the "7.6". :

I wouldn't count out the 5*.
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No, I've not shelled out for the full reviews yet, maybe I should. I just meant that the open review reckons the AMC73 is "superb".
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