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DC Airfares-What's The Deal??

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What's the deal with DC airfares?

From Boston, NY, Philly, & Atlanta you can find decent airfare deals all day long to Denver or SLC, on multiple carriers.

DC has 3 major airports within a 50 mile radius, and you can find deals here and there, but no consistent deals. WTF?:

....and God forbid if you try to fly to Bozeman.
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I just went to www.travelocity.com and punched in flexible travel dates from today-March from Dulles to SLC and came up with several carriers offering $203.00 round trip including taxes. The problem
often is people are too picky, I must fly on these days, etc etc.
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Coach- What is your idea of decent prices? I never pay over $300 and usually pay $220-$250 to either SLC or Denver. I always fly out of National.

I have noticed that there are rarely really cheap fares out west from DC and much better deals out of the cities you mentioned.
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