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Lange Comp 120 FR - Fitting - Liner stretching

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I have just purchased a pair of last year's Lange Comp 120 FR in 8.5 (charcoal with touches of orange). I tried on the 9 and they seemed to fit a little looser so I decided to take the 8.5.

The toes on my bigger foot are pretty crunched (somewhat painful) but when I bend my legs the crunch is relieved a little bit but still crunched though.

A shell fit showed about 5/8" of space so there is room. I removed the liner from the boot to see how it fitted on my foot and it is tight. The whole front of my foot is compressed by the liner.

My question is: Can the liner be safely stretched to relieve the pressure in the front of my foot? How much can it be stretched?

I just wanted to get some opinions and thoughts before I go back to the shop for adjustments.

FYI, the boots were $449 (good price?) and the shop that I working with has a great reputation and great customer service.

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Almost an FAQ:

If you're working with Pro-Fit or SkiCenter, they know all about it allready.
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The Lange's are a great boot for control, but tough for an out-of-the-box fit. I'm not a bootfiting expert, but you could go either of these two ways, I imagine. 1) Go back to the shop and have them work on the liner until it fits. To be honest, I am suspicious of many shops because they really don't have experts who comprehend what you are feeling. The sort of individualized fit that you are looking for is something many shops don't understand. Some do, some don't. 2) Or, go to a shoe repair shop and see what they might recommend for your liner. Maybe they can open the liner, put in a small expansion patch, and sew it closed. It's a mechancal repair, you know, which means whatever works will be fine.
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where the liners around the house for a bit.
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If i remember correctly Jeff said that the Lange Comp liners are running short. So the problem is probably the liner. If the liner does not have a neoprene toe box, it will not expand much IMO.

I like nightcat's suggestions. If you open the liner, i suggest you put in a neoprene patch or a stretch material. This would be better IMO b/c the foot would not move.

Another option would be to replace the liner with another one which has a neoprene toebox. The neoprene toebox is usually found in higher end models but it works miracles IMO. At least it worked/workes for me. I have the Tecnica Icon XT and the Diablo Race R. The latter has a neoprene toebox. The XT doesn't. If i put the Xt liner in the Race R i would be able to keep the Race R on my foot for too long. With the neoprene toebox, i have no problems.

I gave you this example to show how important a neopren toebox can be.
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Well, the Comp 120 bootie does not have a neoprene toe box. The outer part of the bootie is made of some kind of space ('outer space' that is) age aluminized fabric that is covered with some kind of mesh. I really hope that after spending all this money (it is a lot for me), I do not have to buy new liners. I will go back to the shop pretty soon as I have been 'spending quality time' with my boots the past several nights. I must say that these are the first boots where my ankle is pretty locked in and my whole foot feels like one with the boot. Just a little too much right now though. Thank you for your previous responses
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I also bought a pair of last years Lange Comp 120 FR...I went from the Lange XR9 to this boot...I removed the custom footbed from my XR9 and put it in the Comp...well after the first couple runs my feet were killing me...the outside bone that runs along my foot hurt so bad....well apparently my old footbeds were not posted right....I went to a ski shop in Killington and talked to thier boot fitter...he looked at me feet did a little measuring and found that I naturally put to much pressure on the outside of my foot and these new boots do not have the room of my old packed out boots that were 1/2 size larger...he did me up some new foot beds and correctly posted them so they would not rock back and forth in my boot....then I was getting some excess pressure right behind my arches so he put in a heel lifter....then I was getting a pressure above my last buckle on my right foot...which has a birth defect (my pinky toe in like pushed over ontop of the toe next to it kind of like crossing you fingers) so he punched out the boot under that buckle and we heat molded the liners and voula...my feet are now nice and comfy...or at least they were while I had them one...we will see after a full weekend of skiing...I must say that the first day sucked really bad...but I feel confident that things will work out...he did a wonderful job and really seemed to know what he was doing...plus he did all of the work for free other than me paying 100 bucks for the foot beds which they usually charge 150 for...I assured him I would bring my business back....moral of the story....find someone that knows what they are doing....the shop that did my other foot beds sucked...just molded them then threw them in my boots without filling in the bottom....I will let you know how it goes....as far as the Lange liners....have them heat molded at the shop....apparantly the Lange liners that they have now with these little "hairs" are suppose to work really well.
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A quick update. I went to the shop last week and my liners were stretched. Now the boot feels like a whole different boot. Wow! It is still snug and not nearly as painful as it was before. Now it feels just about right.

The liners, according to the shop guy, were stretched with some kind of metal stretcher that was heated up with a torch.

I am psyched, this is my first pair of boots that fit real snug and the heels are locked in. I have been skiing in the wrong size boots for the past 15 years. I went from a 27.5 to a 26.5 (or a size 8.5 Lange).
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Originally Posted by yuyax
. I have been skiing in the wrong size boots for the past 15 years. I went from a 27.5 to a 26.5 (or a size 8.5 Lange).

nice to hear, VERY common to go down one size after a correct fitting
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Lange XR9

I have a question regarding adjusting forward flex and stiffness.
I have an old pair of Lange XR9's - old but nice boots.
I need advice on how to adjust the forward flex - is the plate on the back ment to be turned upside down to go from 'Min. to Max'? What about the screws?
I've tried on some 130's and 120's but prefer the feel of the XR9's and want to max out the stiffness
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