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Killington conditions?

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Anyone who went today for the opening, how are the conditions? Im thinking of heading up tomarrow. Are there dirt spots or is it actually pretty good considering the lack of snow?
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I take it you don't like dirt spots.
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dirt spots

Just went to Basin Ske Shop and they have two shots and it looks pretty good. Take a look.
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Sorry we missed you. I will be there again tomorrow, plan on meeting Irip there. PM me if you want my cell. Conditions were OK, you could really tell which snow was blown after the the rain a couple of days ago. There were a couple of sections that were VERY conjested.
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How were conditions at K-Mart : ?

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well, their snow report calls for *5-9 inches*(!) with no mention of rain today (tues). Is this for real? Can anyone verify?? Im really debating on heading up tomarrow provided it hasnt rained too much on the mountain.
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