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What's the line on Hoodoo?

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I'm planning a trip to Bachelor in February and then will be visiting folks in Portland. I see that my trip could take me right past Hoodoo. Is it worth a stop, or should I just spend one more day at Bachelor?
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Hey, Oregon, where are you? Gimmie some help here.
Is it or ?
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One last bump. Anyone out there?
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Having never heard of it I found some reviews for you:

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I've been waiting for someone with more recent history to write on Hoodoo. Its been a couple decades since I've been there. My memories are the snow at Hoodoo is wet even by Oregon standards. The resort wasn't very big back then and hasn't been expanded much but it was more than enough to entertain for 1/2 day. There was some good terrain off the top with some steep sections. Personally, I wouldn't go out of my way to ski there but I think its worth a stop along your way.
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Originally Posted by Rio
I've been waiting for someone with more recent history to write on Hoodoo.
I've never skied Hoodoo, but I drove over Santiam Pass on Saturday night. There's a good snow base up there, but I have no idea what the snow quality is like.
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Thanks for the info. If the planets align correctly I may give it a try.
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I've had a few races there!
it rained... it's a lower elevation, so you want to hit it when it's cold.
small homey feel as aposed to Bachelors "big box" vibe.
it may be smaller... but it's steeper + night skiing.
worth checking out
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I have skied Hoodoo quite a few times. Hoodoo is very small compared to Mt. Bachelor but it is fun. It is kind of a throw-back place, the owner even plows the parking lot himself. It is usually not very crowded and you never have to wait in a line. That being said, it is doesn't take long to ski the whole resort. Look at the trail map on their website, it will give you a good idea of how challenging the terrain is. The Hodag area, when open, has some challenging areas. It is about 3/4 of a mile off the Santiam Pass, it is probably worth stopping for at least a half day of skiing.
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Hoodoo is definetely not worth your time. Take the extra day a Bachelor. Plus, I broke my thumb at Hoodoo when I was 6, bad memories.
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