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Looking for Backpack that can Carry Skis or Snowboard

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Any suggestions for a backpack that can be used to carry skis or snowboard. Not both at same time. Sometimes I ski other times I board.

Not serious backcountry. Just used when going to the "backcountry" areas of ski resorts.

I will be using it with chairlifts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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my dakine heli and heli pro packs can do both. board horizontally or vertically, skis diagonally.
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Those are the exact two that I seem to be looking at the most.

Does the Heli Pack give you enough room to store extra jacket, food, camera, etc.

I think I am leaning towards the DAKINE Heli Pro Large for the extra room. I just hope it is not too big on the lifts.
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I use the Heli Pro (old model, I think it's the same size as the large now) for inbounds skiing, for bc travel I have the poacher...

The Heli Pro is large enough for an extra layer, food/water and a camera, unless you are carying a full on camera equipment.
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my heli pack about takes: shovel, probe, chocolate, bottle, 1st aid, cam. one could squeeze a thin fleece or a pair of gloves in.

the heli pro easily takes some clothes, more water or alike.

the heli is ok with any lift, the pro will have to be taken off if the lift has no safety bar.
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You should look at Indigo also.
Seems like a number of companies are
trying to make lashing simpler.
Black Diamond has good packs also.

The Reve looks like a good size. Black Diamond Frenzy is a fair sized one.
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I have an older pack from Granite Gear that I love. It's a bit bigger than you probably need. I use it more for backcountry. I don't think it's still available. It's called the 'Inversion' and it's big enough to hold boots, clothes, lunch inside and either skis or snowboard outside.

They have a new model that sounds interesting. Check out:


They've got a couple of ski and snowboard packs.

In my experience Granite Gear stuff is really well made and really tough. I also have an alpine climbing pack from them that I really love!
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I own this bag, but I think it's too large for inbound wear all day. light enough, lots of room, stays put when on but a chairlift pain.

Black Diamond product page:

The smaller version would likely (due to the quality of the above) be my inbounds all day choice.


Depsite not owning this North Face bag, I did check it out and had I needed a inbounds pack for outboun forays it would be a toss up between the Black Diamond and the North Face.


Can't speak for Dakine pack but seems to be a pack of choice by many.
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Deuter Freeride. Nice detail and quality.
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