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Great airfare on Jetblue to SLC

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I've been looking to book a trip to Utah this winter and have been searching for deals on airfare out of Newark. A friend directed me to a sale on Jetblue from JFK to SLC for $59 each way (plus taxes). You have to travel with a companion to get that rate, but both will get the special rate. I think the sale is good for travel through 2/15/06.


I would hop on it except the flight times from JFK are pretty lame. For instance, the departing flight leaves JFK at 8:45 p.m. and arrives in SLC at 11:45 p.m. Returning flights leave SLC at 11:15 p.m. and arrive in JFK the next morning at 5:25 a.m. So I'd be paying for a night of lodging with no ski time benefit. Also, the traffic from my house in central NJ to JFK can be a pain in the arse.

Even with these issues, I was hoping this would be feasible for a few here and I could pay back to the Epicski community for all of the great info I have received here.

Thanks again--Gregg
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I've done the Jet Blue to SLC and back on that same schedule except out of JFK. IT worked out great. I got in at 11:45PM mountain time, got a halfway decent night's sleep and skied Powder Mtn. the next day. On the day of my return I got in a full, epic powder day at Solitude, caught the bus down the canyon, had a liesurely dinner with a friend and caught the red-eye home with plenty of time to spare. I drove straight from JFK to work and was plenty tired that day, but I had a smile on my face from 4-full days of Utah powder.

$59 is an incredible deal!
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The times you listed to me are ideal, as you don't have to take vacation days for travel. You can leave after work ski the next morning and travel home the same day you skied. I hate to burn vacation days as travel days.
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Yeah, I did that trip last year over a weekend with JetBlue. That deal is even better than what we did last year. Thanks for posting.
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>except the flight times from JFK are pretty lame

are you crazy!!! Those times are ideal.
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can anyone figure out which flights are the $59 ones, most of them are coming up $129
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Now that you point out the saved vacation days, this does sound doable especially if I stay somewhere that is cheap in town. I could use the money saved on the flight for a lesson and save a couple of vacation days. I have no trouble sleeping on the plane, so I should be able to drag my arse through work when returning.
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Originally Posted by SnowbirdDevotee
can anyone figure out which flights are the $59 ones, most of them are coming up $129
Did you put in 2 people. I haven't read all of the details of the sale, but I think the slae fares are only when you buy a companion ticket.
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You have to fly on a weekday (excluding Friday on the front leg) to get the deal.

The way I look at it, you can fly JetBlue, at the reduced rates, on a Thursday night and return on a Monday night. You'd get 4 full days of skiing, which I am assuming would be from 9-4 with an hour of combined rest for lunch, etc. during the day. You'd pay for 4 nights of accomodations, and 4 days of lift tickets.

The alternative would be to take a morning flight out of Newark on Friday morning, arriving at 10:30 am in SLC. You could comfortably ski for 4 hours on your arrival date (no lunch at the mountain on your arrival day of course). If you ski at one of the PC resorts on your arrival date it is free. On the return leg, you'd be able to ski another 4 hours (no breaks) and comfortably catch a 4:30 pm flight back to Newark. You'd only pay for 3 nights of accomodations and, if you ski in PC on your first day, 3 days of lift tickets. If you plan ahead, you can get $250 return flights from EWR to SLC (right now though they are around $350).

The way I see it, you save $130-230 on your return flight, but pay an extra $150 or so on the accomodations and first day lift ticket. Overall, there's probably a slight cost advantage by flying Jet Blue. Assuming you want to keep vacation days used a constant, you probably gain 4 hours of extra skiing time by flying Jet Blue, but will gain less time if you ski less than 6 hours per day. By flying out of JFK instead of Newark, you'll probably tack on a couple hours of travel time each way (maybe less if you live close to JFK), but it's a hassle to get to for most people. Then you have to deal with recovering from the red-eye trip on the return leg.

So is a slight cost savings worth the extra four hours of skiing and travel hassles? I guess it depends on the person and how many vacation days you get.
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Tbay, those were the exact issues I was weighing. I saw a post on this board about the free lift ticket on the day of arrival. I have been checking direct flights out of NEwark and the cheapest for a while has been Delta or United (forgot which one) for $331 which is probably the one you cited because it arrives in SLC at 10:30 a.m. Travel to JFK is also not a picnic (I'm in SOuth Plainfield). Like Crank said, I think my high from the trip will offset the jet lag
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Hard to go too wrong either way isn't it?

I'm heading out to SLC in February and opted for the other alternative. Flying out of Newark on Delta on Thursday morning and sking PCMR Thursday afternoon. Snowbird on Friday. Most likely Powder Mountain on Saturday (unless its dumping in PC). Utah Interconnect on Sunday. PCMR again on Monday morning and back to Jersey in the afternoon.

I just can't deal with the frustration of flying out of JFK from here and then dragging my feet all week from the red-eye home. Luckily, I've got enough flexibility in my work schedule not to have to worry about saving the vacation time.

Can't wait to go. Just need to make sure my legs are ready by Feb.
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