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New to this forum. I'm going to buy my wife a new pair of skis for Xmas, and I'm wondering if there are any females out there on Atomic SX:9s? My wife is 5'9, 135, an advanced, aggressive groomers skier, but hesitant to get into the bumps or trees. We ski mostly in the Northeast,so we get mostly hard snow, with the occasional eastern powder day. She is coming off an older pair of Beta Carv 9 somethings in the high 170's low 180s, which she says are great to fly down the hill with, but not much to make shorter turns with.

What I'm thinking of is a pair of '05 SX:9s in a 160. I've searched this forum for info on them, but have found mostly insights on the '03-'04 which is essentially the same as the '05 SX:10 if I'm not mistaken. She wants something that can handle some speed, but also can make some quicker turns when she wants them to. Blasting through tracked up eastern powder would be a necessity as well.

Anyone have any advice to give on this? BTW, right or wrong, she's not interested in a "womans" ski.

EDIT: If I'm on the wrong track, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.