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You know what??

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Guy takes his wife shopping & holds the door for her as they enter the store

Sitting just inside the door is a huge parrot

Wife walks by smiling at the bird, and as the hubby walks past, the bird squawks, "heeeyyy, you know what"?

Hubby stops and says, "no ... what"

Bird says, speaking about the wife, "that is the ugliest man I've ever seen"

Hubby says, "bird, that’s my wife you're squawking about ... say something like that again and I'll pull every one of your feathers out ... beak too!"

Bird says, "sorry, sorry, soooo sorry"

Hubby catches up with the wife to continue shopping. As they leave to go home, the man holds the door for his wife, and just as he walks past, the bird squawks, "heeeyyy, you know what"?

Hubby looks at the bird, points his finger as if to say we've had this conversation

Bird grins at the man and says, " that's right, you know what!"
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I don't get it.
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