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How to find deals at Western Resorts?

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Had a week of free lodging in Aspen lined up -- fell through, long story. Guess you get what you pay for. Went to UT last year and found a pretty good deal on a small condo. I've been looking for deals to different resorts in the West. We think we'd like Big Sky, everything I look at for Big Sky is $$$$. Anything I look at for places like Vail, or Aspen is big money. From the East coast, Europe seems so much less expensive. Did find what I think is a reasonable deal for Steamboat. Where do you find reasonable deals to Western resorts?
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Originally Posted by RISkier
From the East coast, Europe seems so much less expensive.
That's because it is less expensive, even with our lousy (but getting better) exchange rate.
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find the ski clubs

usually package deals with a group is the best way to go. I use www.skimartysmountains.com. She has great trips at a very reasonable price. Generally stays in an ave but nice hotel, but how much are you in the hotel. Most people are from the raleigh, nc / charlotte, nc / pittsburgh areas, but trips are not limited. She has four formal trips a year, or can put together a package for your group. Give Marty a ring....

Marty's Mountains & Meetings
105 Robeson Drive
Coraopolis, Pa. 15108

Phone: 1-800-338-1828 or 1-412-264-5719
Fax: 1-412-269-1451
E-mail skimartys@aol.com
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Spam alert!!!

Anyone with a computer and a telephone can kill the prices in the link above.

For example: 6nights/6days lift at the lodge tower(Vail) including breakfast with 4WD rental car and R/T airfare into Denver for $1775 for two.

Retracting Spam alert. Seems to have posted thoughtful responses on other threads.
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not spam - i actually use martys mountains & meetings

thanks for noting that my posting wasn't spam. I'm sure there are tons of options to find cheap rates and am not suggesting this link is the best. It's just one that I use. Selection may also depend on your circumstances. I gave up trying to coordinate a group of friends years ago. Marty's Mountains and Meetings has provided me a great option. Her prices aren't bad and she allows for the single traveler at no extra charge. In actuality, I've been skiing her trips for over 10 years. We have a 'core group' that goes on 2 trips each year and have become great friends. It's a reunion every time. Maybe should have shared this info as well to begin with.
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If you're looking primarily for lodging deals, try www.vrbo.com

I use this site a lot and it cuts out the real estate management companies...you deal directly with owners of vacation properties. I've always gotten great service and there's a wide range of prices for most areas.
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The best way to save money is to book your accomodations either directly via the owner or via a property management company, not through the resort. If you book through the resort, subtract out the value of a multi-day ticket, you'll find that the "accomodations" aspect of the trip is quite a bit more expensive than if you book them as indicated above. You will save a lot of money if you can pool some friends together and rent a larger place. We booked a wonderful place at Big Sky last year right at the foot of the Lone Moose chair, with a hot tub, for around $500/day (we booked through http://www.mtnres.com/). Divide that by the 9 people we comfortably fit into the chalet and it worked out to about $55/day per person for luxury slope-side accommodations plus lift tickets. We also saved money by being able to eat all of our meals in the chalet and bring our own groceries. If you fly into certain cities, you'll save big on the airfare too. Denver, SLC and Vegas come to mind. Not only will there be more flights to those cities, but the flights will be cheaper and you can use your frequent flier miles more easily. Airfare to places like Jackon Hole, Big Sky, Sun Valley, etc. will generally be more expensive.

Europe has cheaper lift tickets, but the trip is not necessarily cheaper. The cost of your flight will be the determining factor.

Hope this helps. It's worked for us!
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On the other hand, if you're up for an adventure, you'll love Europe. I skied mostly in Austria and am partial to Lech/Zurs/St. Anton. If you're comfortable using public transportation you can get around very easily. More people speak English in Germany/Austria than they did 15 years ago when I lived there, so getting around is easier - don't be shy, ask for help and you'll get it. The Austrians are not like the French. One of the things to consider is that breakfast and dinner are included in most lodging packages in Austria, so that cost needs to be factored out. Also, lift tix are significantly cheaper. Go to Europe, you won't regret it.
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I agree....Europe is a lot of fun and the skiing is fantastic. We lived there for four years and skied a lot in the French Alps. Because my kids' Spring break is in April this year, I was thinking of heading back to Tignes, but we ended up choosing Mammoth. Mammoth was about $1,000 cheaper for a family of four when I booked the vacation. I just priced it up again and the difference has decreased to about $650 due to the appreciation of the USD vs. the EUR. I think the EUR will strengthen vs. the USD by the time the next ski season rolls around (once the ECB starts raising interest rates, the U.S. economy slows down and rates peak here). This season may be a good time to go to Europe, at least from an exchange rate perspective.
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Look for timeshare rentals to save on lodging

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I bought a timeshare on ebay super cheap years ago for just the closing cost....now I only have my yearly maintenance fees. If you like going somewhere every year this is a great way to go as long as the fees are reasonable to you.

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Good info.


One of the things people overlook.  Depending on the year and the snow of course-there are places in the west who have great lodging and skiing deals.  Yes Vail, Aspen etc. have great reps and big prices.  Would you like to experience real western powder and virtually uncrowded slopes? You could do the following and save lots of cash and/or credit.


Stay in Rossland BC, ski Red Mt. and go cat skiing one day cheaper than a stay in the more expensive Colorado resorts.


Fly into Spokane and have 49 Degrees North, Mt. Spokane close bye, go over to Couer d alene and have Sweitzer, Silver and Lookout within  a little over l hr away or less.


Fly into Spokane and do the circle with stops in order:  Silver Mt. Lookout Mt. Whitefish, Fernie, Sweitzer or alter a little and include Whitewater  and Red Mt.


In a normal year you chances of some good, uncrowded powder skiing is very good.  


And there are quite a few Bears that live within this area and can give you accurate snow reports and some would love to ski with you.  I have no reservation in showing my stashes to someone who doesn't live close.

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I was just thinking - how about some pictures.


Silver Mt. last year. Notice the crowds and powder on the lower part.


Lookout Pass Ski area or the Montana/Idaho Border at exit Zero.  Nice powder and really crowded slopes Well my partner anyway/taking pic.



Cat skiing at Big Red Cats, Rossland BC



Cat skiing again (I just love this pic)



Whitewater, bud randy in the trees, there is 2200 fall line of this



Sweitzer another small mt. up here.






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