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Railflex2 Bindings

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I adjusted the Railflex2 bindings to fit my boot. Not a big deal. However, I have a question. The toe piece and heel piece are held on to the bar by a plastic sawtooth mechanism. Is there any concern that the plastic may fail? Mark
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One thing that I like with the Railflex II is the ability to slide on and off different skis in a matter of minutes. I had over 50 days last year switching them between XRC1100 Chips and Monster 75's with no indication of extensive wear or signs of failure of the mechanism with them at my shop's inspection/tuneup. Truly a quality binding Enjoy!

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Know what you are doing!

Just want to make sure you know what you are doing.
Read the Tyrolia manual on adjusting the heel position.
There are special marks on the heel slider and you are supposed to check that the heel tension is within the tolerance range.
If you are not sure you'll be better off bringing the binding to a specialist.
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The plastic is second generation

The RF1 was actually metal, but probably only 1/8" thick. The plastic in the RF2 actually looks better to me. It's thicker and there is more load bearing surface.
Recognize also that the only load the center connecting rail has to handle is the forward pressure of the heel piece pushing forward on the boot into the toepiece. All of the real loads are between the toe & heel piece and the mounting plates. Note the amount of metal that the toe and heel are mounted on and that wrap around the base plate (and that didn't change from RF1 to RF2).

I have heard of 0 problems with either version.
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Just had some RF2's mounted. Previously was a Salomon fan, but the Tyrolia RF2's are very nice. They are the next best thing to having a demo binding as far as adjustability goes, but with none of the slop or weight issues.

I can see myself buying them for any future skis. You can set the binding for any boot size or any fore/aft position w/o having to remount.

If you have more than 1 pair of skis and mount the rails on them, you could get away with having just 1 set of bindings to interchange on multiple skis.

Only 1 screw to undo to slide the whole binding out, slip onto another pair of skis and go skiing. You don't even have to readjust anything. A very clever & well thought out design.
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I've never heard of the band on Tyrolia RF bindings breaking - the old or the new - in any normal situation. If they did, I imagine that it was as a result of (not cause of) a crash, and in such a crash, a broken binding band is the least of your worries

Most of the forces a binding encounters are vertical, and lateral, not forward-backward...and there's plenty of support where it's needed!
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