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Stockli Stormriders!

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Skiershop have a special on the Stormrider (not the stormrider 2) and I am seriously tempted at the price. All round performance is pretty well known but has anyone ever had these sticks in the bumps? I am looking for one ski that does everything reasonably well but am a little concerned they may be too stiff for bumping. Anyone tried them in the bumps?
Also is there any difference (graphics aside)between Stormriders 1 and 2. Thanks everyone.
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scoot do a search for stormriders as this has been discussed before. Aren't those 198's on special? If so I'd forget about bumps. Check the gear reviews and this forum but I think they're pretty beastly skis and not real bump friendly. I believe II has more shape.
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They are a great ski, but pretty boaty in the bumps. Not as versatile as some skis, but great at what they are made for.

If you are strong in moguls, you'll do ok, but it won't be fun. Unless you usually GS through the bumps, well they are great for "terrain ignortion"

I like the Stocklis with more shape myself, wondering what the new Stormriders are like...

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The original and SRII have different graphics, dimensions, and construction. The IIs are a little more bump friendly than the original.

As SnoKarver was saying this years model should be interesting. From what I know of it, I think it will be the best yet. BTW: it's back to being called the Stormrider.

Research skiershop before you buy. Try looking at the site for some feedback.
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scoot -

I own a pair of 198 SR-1's. I'll pretty much second what everybody else said. They are a great "big mountain" or open bowl ski - absolutely great at racking up vertical feet.

I find they are also great on the steeps and ice, ok in powder (especially if you go fast), too much ski for the trees, and horrible in bumps. Even at 210 lbs, for most snow conditions, I would prefer a somewhat softer flex than my SR's.

Adding to their penchant for racking up vertical is the fact that they have one of the fastest bases (right out of the store) that I have ever been on.

FWIW, I ski mostly in the eastern US, and find that I tend to jump on my Volkl p40's more than the SR's, and I'm toying with the the idea of selling mine to someone who can give them a better home.

Tom / PM

PS - To reiterate what someone else said, think twice b4 dealing with skiershop. I've had no dealings with them personally, but I've seen a bunch of negative comments from other guys.

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Thanks for the help everyone.
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