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Keystone Conditions?

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Has anyone skied Keystone yet this season? we are considering a trip out to summit co the week of 11/27 - 12/4, Their online snow reporting page gives little real useful info.. 3 lifts, 9% terrain and 200+ acres? they don't even identify which lifts are open, though it's not too hard to figure it out..

It seems ski areas got such a bad rep for mis reporting snow conditions that now they give you virtually no info.... I would like to know what trails are open.. My wife skis mostly green trails and I like a mix of blues and blacks..

I'm going to assume that with all the snow they've had they should easily be able to open most of the front side if not some of the back.. I'm hoping they are going to open a lot more terrain before TG weekend.. but would like to make plans sooner..

I know there are other resort options for that week but Keystone works well for us as they have some nice green terrain for my wife and enough cruising runs to keep me happy

Does anyone have any inside info as to what is open now and what the plans are to open additional terrain?

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Sorry that I can't help you with first hand or inside info, but Keystone does report on which runs are open. It must be hidden pretty well on their site since you aren't the first person I've heard say this. Here is the link...


Have fun!

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Thanks for that link Dawn,

yep it is a bit hard to find.. I know it's been there the last couple of years..
easier to find..

thanks again !
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Funny, both Keystone and Breck just added that link to their "mountain" menu's on the left side of the webpage. I've been looking for that information for the last week.
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